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The COS Foundation is the philanthropic and outreach arm of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society. The goal of the COS Foundation is to enhance ophthalmological care and to advance education and research in the field of ophthalmology in Canada. It is through the COS Foundation that we aim to help those around the world access crucial resources for vision health.

To learn more, listen to the Foundation’s President, Dr. Guillermo Rocha, speak all about the COS Foundation on this episode of EyeCan.


Thanks to the generous support of the Raymond Stein Family, the COS Foundation has supported the Harold Stein Innovator Lectureship at the COS Annual Meeting and Exhibition since 2018. This lectureship award is given to a keynote speaker who has advanced innovation in ophthalmology.

In 2024, the Harold Stein Innovator Lecture was provided by Kenneth Wright, MD, PhD on June 2, 2024. Dr. Wright’s lecture was titled Innovations in Strabismus Surgery.

See past lectures on the COS Awards page here.

Access to Services in Rural and Remote Canadian Communities

Access to ophthalmological services for Canadians in underserved, rural, or remote areas is a primary focus of the COS Foundation. The need for innovative and concrete solutions for those living far from urban centres has been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COS Foundation is exploring ways to improve vision health in rural, remote, and underserved populations:

  1. Access to Vision Care
  2. Preservation of Sight
  3. Elimination of Preventable Blindness
  4. Adherence to Treatments

We are collaborating with Orbis Canada on two pilot projects, in Northern Ontario, and Dawson Creek, British Columbia, focusing on tele-ophthalmology.

The goal of these projects is to use innovative artificial intelligence tools to increase the number of patients screened in rural and remote communities for diabetic retinopathy. The two projects will gather data to evaluate the efficiency, validity, and cost-effectiveness of the programs with the hopes of expanding these types of clinics across Canada’s remote communities.

If you would like additional information, or are interested in collaborating, please email us.

Honour a Mentor

Has a mentor had a significant impact on your career, your choice of profession, or your personal life? Here is your opportunity to honour them, while supporting the important work of the COS Foundation. If you are interested in honouring an individual who has had a significant impact in your life, please fill out this form. A photo and your description will appear on the COS Foundation site and featured in an upcoming issue of Sightlines.

Visit Our Mentors here.

Future plans for the COS Foundation

How can you donate to the COS Foundation?

The COS Foundation will need continued funding to support any of the above goals.

How to donate:

Through CanadaHelps

Donate via their website or using the donation form below (for Fund, please select ‘General’). Accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay and PayPal.

By Cheque

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 and higher. If donating by cheque, in order to receive a charitable tax receipt, please send an email to [email protected] with your full name and address, and a tax receipt will be emailed to you.

COS Foundation Wall of Donors

Thank you to our generous donors:


Jennifer Abi-Aad (Quebec)

Aequus Pharmaceuticals

Mohamed Albahiti, MD (Quebec)

David J. Archibald, MD (Nova Scotia)

Steve Arshinoff, MD (Ontario)

Richard Barham

Bayer Canada

Catherine Birt, MD (Ontario)

Renée Cosgrove

Wanda E. Bonk, RN (Nova Scotia)

Leslie Borbas

Andrew Boswall, MD (Prince Edward Island)

Debbie Boulanger, LPN (Saskatchewan) 

Rosa Braga-Mele, MD (Ontario)

Louise Charbonneau, MD (Quebec)

Balwantray Chauhan, PhD (Nova Scotia)

Tia Cooper (Nova Scotia) in honour of Chrystyna Zorych Holman

Dianne Davey-McLellan (Ontario)

Dr. Robert L. Chevrier Medicine Professional Corporation (Ontario)

Mattay Dubczak (Ontario)

Elisabeth Fowler (Ontario)

Jennifer Lu Gao, MD (Nova Scotia)

Jane Gardiner, MD (British Columbia)

Victoria Getfit (Quebec)

Howard V. Gimbel, MD (Alberta)

Michael James Giustini (Quebec)

Hadassah Goldberg, MD (Ontario)

Anna Hamilton (Nova Scotia) in memory of Roy Hamilton

Isabelle Hardy, MD (Quebec)

Lisa Heckler, MD (Quebec)

Thomas Hemmerling, MD (Quebec)

Eugene Hladky

Ann Hoskin Mott (Nova Scotia)

John Huang, MD (Alberta) in honour of Dr. Henry Huang

Edsel Ing, MD (Ontario)

David R. Jordan, MD (Ontario)

Anna Jurgens (Nova Scotia) in honour of Jane Mitchell and in memory of Mary Deighan

Anna  Kabanovski, MD (Ontario)

Tiffany Khoo, PhD (Ontario)

Eli Kisilevsky, MD (Ontario)

Ken Klatt (Alberta)

Lawrence Kobetz, MD (Ontario) in memory of Edward Kobitz

Greg Kosar, MD (British Columbia) in honour of Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Barbara Kosar

Stephen E. Kosar, MD (Ontario)

Bohdan Kryshtalskyj

Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc.

Janet Lacasse

Patricia Ann Laughrea, MD (Quebec)

Richard T. Leicht, MD (Manitoba)

Svitlana Levit (Ontario)

David Lewis, MBChB (Ontario)

Myrna Lichter, MD (Ontario)

Janette I. Lindley, MD (British Columbia)

William Lister (Alberta) in honour of Dr. Ezekiel Weiss

Ian MacDonald, MD (Alberta)

Mr. & Mrs. Mader

Colin Mann, MD (Nova Scotia)

Alexander J. Mao, MD (Ontario)

Antonieta Marcondes (Alberta)

Jeff Martow, MD (Ontario)

Paul McIntyre (Nova Scotia)

Jericho Miranda (Alberta)

Patricia M. Moore (Alberta)

Benedicte Morisse (Quebec)

Edward B. Moss, MD (British Columbia)

Darlene Myrie

Anne Xuan-Lan Nguyen (Quebec) in honour of Dr. Guillermo Rocha

Navdeep Nijhawan, MD (Ontario)

Ruth Nissan (Ontario)

Nocola Wealth Private Giving

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.

Clare Prendergast

Gerald O’Hanley, MD (Prince Edward Island)

James Oestreicher, MD (Ontario)

Maria Petrosyants (Alberta)

Edith Pinder (British Columbia)

David Plemel, MD (Alberta) in honour of Dr. Samir Jabbour

Erminie & Dante Pocrnich, MD (Ontario)

Paul Rafuse, MD (Nova Scotia)

Guillermo Rocha, MD (Quebec)

Jonathan Romsa (Ontario)

Nathalie Sabounghi (Quebec)

Terence Sakamoto, MD (Ontario)

Marie Schlorff (Ontario) in memory of Martha Clow

Linda Schumacher-Feero, MD (Maine) in honour of her Ukranian ancestors

Marie-Josee Senecal (Quebec)

Mark Shaffer, MD (Ontario)

Dr. Shahi

Lee Siebert

Andrea Nicole Skeet OC(C), (Nova Scotia)

Gary Sklivas (Quebec) in memory of Mary and Tassy Sklivas

Donna Smythe, MD

Miroslawa Stefanowska (Ontario)

Raymond Stein, MD (Ontario)

William Storry (Nova Scotia)

Karen Elaine Stos (Ontario)

Joanna Stricker (Ontario)

James D.N. Taylor Inc.

Ralph Teeple (Ontario)

Alexander Tokarewicz

C. Maya Tong, MD (British Columbia) in honour of Dr. Samir Jabbour

Graham E. Trope, MD (Ontario)

Kim Tytler (Ontario)

Olga Vasylyeva, MD (New York)

Natasha Yepes, MD (Ontario)

D.W. Young, MD (British Columbia)

Zale Mednick Medicine Professional Corporation (Ontario)

Setareh Ziai, MD (Ontario)

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