Our Mentors

Here, we celebrate the significant impact mentors have had on our careers, professions, and personal lives. Join us in honouring them while supporting the vital mission of the COS Foundation. Learn how to honour your mentor here.

Dr. Patricia Laughrea

Nominated by: Dr. Houfar Sekhavat, COS Member

I am honored to nominate Dr. Laughrea for an honorary mentorship, a recognition that she undeniably deserves. Dr. Laughrea, as my program director during my time in Quebec, has left an indelible mark on me and countless others. Her dedication to teaching and her exceptional background, including fellowships at prestigious institutions such as Harvard has transformed our program into one that rivals any in the world.

One of Dr. Laughrea’s outstanding qualities as a mentor is her unwavering commitment to patient well-being. She instilled in all of us the importance of putting the health and care of our patients above all else. Her dedication to this principle served as a guiding light throughout our training and continues to influence our practice today.

Dr. Laughrea was known for being a demanding mentor, but her toughness was always tempered with fairness. She pushed us to excel, to strive for perfection, and to never compromise on the quality of care we provided. Her meticulous approach, often characterized as “OCD,” was a testament to her dedication to getting things right. And more often than not, she was right to be so. Her high standards set a benchmark for excellence that we all aspired to achieve.

Beyond her dedication to ophthalmology, Dr. Laughrea had a profound impact on the ethical values we hold dear. She taught us that patient care transcends ethnic origins and beliefs, emphasizing the importance of empathy and respect for every individual who walked through our doors. Dr. Laughrea not only preached these values but practiced them in every interaction, setting an example that we continue to follow.

Her commitment to her students and residents was unwavering. Dr. Laughrea was known to stay long hours, going above and beyond to ensure that we received the best possible education and training. Her tireless efforts and moral high ground had a ripple effect, impacting the entire department for generations to come.

In conclusion, Dr. Laughrea is the epitome of an ophthalmologist who not only excels in her field but also upholds the highest ethical standards. Her dedication to teaching, her commitment to patient care, and her influence on the department have left an indelible mark on all who have had the privilege of learning from her. Dr. Laughrea is more than deserving of an honorary mentorship, as her legacy will continue to shape the practice of ophthalmology and the lives of those she has touched.

Dr. Raymond LeBlanc

Nominated by: Dr. Colin Mann, COS Past President, Nova Scotia

Dr. Raymond LeBlanc had a significant and positive effect on my career, starting with my time as a resident and continuing throughout my practice life. Above all, he was an impeccable role model, always focussed firmly on the patient and with a relentless dedication to systems improvement in vision and health care. He will be sadly missed but his legacy on patient care will live on in the work he did and the many trainees he influenced. I think often of his favourite email sig that said: ‘change is not always better; but better is always a change’. It is truly fitting (and it makes me smile) that in the program for Ray’s Celebration of Life there is a two page ‘Thoughts on Hospice Care’ which Ray wrote, and wanted included, to advocate for support of the Hospice program.

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