As the principal national public voice for ophthalmology in Canada, the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) plays a critical role in advocating for optimal eye care for all Canadians.

Representing eye physicians and surgeons from coast to coast to coast, COS strategically collaborates with governments, industry partners and health care allies on a wide range of advocacy issues, including stronger vision standards, improved federal regulations, and shorter wait times for speciality eye surgeries.

Friday March 8, 2019

Recommendations on the optimal use of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery

These recommendations were developed by the Health Technology Expert Review Panel (HTERP) based on evidence reviewed in a CADTH Health Technology Assessment (HTA) report. The HTA included a review of the clinical effectiveness and safety, costeffectiveness, patients’ and caregivers’ perspectives and experiences, ethical issues, and implementation issues regarding minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) for the […]

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Tuesday February 26, 2019

Eye protection in bright, cold conditions key and often overlooked

“Ophthalmologist [and COS member] Briar Sexton says if it’s bright enough to tolerate wearing sunglasses, just do it.”News 1130

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Wednesday February 20, 2019

La cécité des neiges

COS member, Dr. Marie-Claude Robert quoted in segment on snow blindness. (In French)Télé, Radio-Canada

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Thursday January 24, 2019

Disinfection of ophthalmic diagnostic instruments

The Canadian Ophthalmology Society (COS), through discussion with the Eye Physicians and Surgeons Association of Alberta (EPSAA), has become aware of proposed changes to Alberta regulation surrounding the disinfection of ophthalmic diagnostic instrumentation that comes into contact with the ocular surface. These changes are outlined in the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Briefing Document, dated February […]

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Wednesday December 26, 2018

Scott Disick promotes controversial product that claims to change your eye color

“Dr. Guillermo Rocha, an ophthalmologist and past president of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society, said that iColour’s statements are doubtful and ‘a bit of a stretch.’”Inquisitr

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Monday November 26, 2018

CHEO’s upgraded eye clinic improves lives

Pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Michael O’Connor, treats glaucoma in 7-year-old Delphine at the newly renovated eye clinic at CHEO.CTV News

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