Canadian Ophthalmological Society highlights World Glaucoma Week and encourages Canadians to make eye health a priority

Thursday March 3, 2022

Known as the “silent thief of sight”, help spread awareness on the global issue of eye health this #glaucomaweek

TORONTO, March 3, 2022 /CNW/ – World Glaucoma Week, which this year runs March 6-12, is an annual, globally-celebrated event that helps spread awareness on this serious eye disease and the importance of monitoring your eye health. With 111.8 million people predicted to have glaucoma by 2040, this year’s theme “The world is bright, save your sight” encourages Canadians to make eye health a priority.  As an advocate for optimal eye care, the Canadian Ophthalmological Society is helping to spread awareness with an “Ask the Expert” series where a glaucoma expert will educate Canadians and answer some of the burning questions they have surrounding glaucoma.

Known as the “silent thief of sight”, help spread awareness on the global issue of eye health this #glaucomaweek (CNW Group/Canadian Ophthalmological Society)
Known as the “silent thief of sight”, help spread awareness on the global issue of eye health this #glaucomaweek (CNW Group/Canadian Ophthalmological Society)

“There aren’t any noticeable symptoms during the early stages of glaucoma, so it’s crucial to have regular eye exams as it’s the most effective way to prevent vision loss,” says Dr. Colin Mann, President of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society. “While there is currently no cure, the medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma is continuing to evolve with new procedures expected to become available to patients that will improve surgical outcomes and safety.”

Ahead of World Glaucoma Week, the “Ask the Expert” series by the Canadian Ophthalmological Society features Dr. Hady Saheb, a glaucoma surgeon whose ophthalmology practice is focused on medical and surgical glaucoma care. After receiving many questions from Canadians about this eye disease, Dr. Saheb will provide his expertise to help bring awareness to this leading cause of blindness, provide tips to those living with glaucoma and educate Canadians about ways we can all lower our risk of vision loss. The series is available online at

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve, which transmits the images you see from the eye to the brain and is made up of many nerve fibres. These nerve fibres become damaged which can cause blind spots and vision loss. Since glaucoma has no noticeable symptoms, ongoing monitoring is needed to detect any changes. The Canadian Ophthalmological Society has outlined the different types of glaucoma:

To learn more about the risk factors, diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, check out the Ask the Expert series on

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