Eye Bank Committee

This committee represents eye banks nationally with a common voice. The goals of the Eye Bank Committee are to collect and share eye bank data; develop leading practices in eye banking in Canada; and facilitate communication and exchange between eye banks.

Eye Bank Committee Members

Stephen Brodovsky (Chair) Medical Director, Misericordia Eye Bank (Winnipeg, MB)
Patricia-Ann Laughrea Medical Director, Banque d’yeux du CUO (Quebec, QC) (Chair)
Charlotte Wedge Associate Medical Director, Eye Bank of Canada (Ont. Div.)
Amber Appleby Director, Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation, CBS
Clara  Chan President, Canadian Cornea, External Disease and Refractive Surgery Society, Medical Director, Eye Bank of Canada (Ont. Div.)
Michele Mabon Medical Director, Banque d’Yeux du Québec (Montreal, QC)
Mijana Ridic Manager, Lions Eye Bank of Alberta
Jeanne d’Arc Uwamaliya Eye Bank Technician, Banque d’yeux du Centre universitaire d’ophtalmologie
Vikas Sharma Medical Director, Lions Eye Bank of Saskatchewan
Brent Browett Director, Tissue Program (Trillium Gift of Life Network)
Brian Ha Assistant Head Technologist, Eye Bank of BC
Christopher Seamone Medical Director, Regional Tissue Bank of NS
Christine Humphreys Manager, The Eye Bank of Canada (Ont. Dive)
Harold Taylor Executive Director, Regional Tissue Bank of Nova Scotia
Craig Schmidt Eye Bank Technician, Eye Bank of Saskatchewan
Debbie Jefferson Quality Supervisor, New-Brunswick Organ & Tissue Program – Ocular Division
Étienne Fissette Human Tissues Exploitation Director, Héma-Québec
Guy Simard Program Manager of ophthalmology, Banque d’yeux du CUO
Sonia Yeung Medical Director, Eye Bank of British Columbia
Marlene  Matsuba Manager, Eye Bank of British Columbia
Peter Huang Medical Director, Lions Eye Bank, Calgary
Jean-Luc Tremblay Program Manager of ophthalmology, Banque d’yeux du CUO
Jim Mohr Acting Associate Director, Deceased Donation Organ and Tissue Donation, CBS
Kyle Maru Data Analyst, CBS
Manon Charest Chief Assistant Medical Technologist, Banque d’yeux de Québec
Mike Bentley Manager, Comprehensive Tissue Centre
Roberta Fransishyn Director Acute Care Prog & Eye Bank, Misericordia Eye Bank (MB)
Guillermo Rocha Chair, Access to Corneal Transplantation Leading Practice Committee
Ellen Sokol Donor coordinator, Eye Bank of Saskatchewan

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