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Direct contact information for the COS leadership team and other staff can be found below.

Please note: COS does not provide medical advice, and does not and cannot respond to requests for direct feedback, specific patient information or physician referrals.

Canadian Ophthalmological Society
110-2733 Lancaster Road
Ottawa ON  K1B 0A9
Phone: 613.729.6779
Fax: 613.729.7209
Media enquiries
Eric Johnson
Manager, Communications and Public Affairs
613.729.6779 x236
Elisabeth Fowler
Chief Executive Officer
613.729.6779 x225
Cheryl Ripley
Manager, Continuing Professional Development
613.729.6779 x223
Rita Afeltra
Manager, Membership & Meeting Logistics
613.729.6779 x300
Christine Bruce
Coordinator, Meeting Logistics & Exhibits
613.729.6779 x226
Maxine Brown
Coordinator, Continuing Professional Development
613.729.6779 x235
Fetun Delessa
Coordinator, Continuing Professional Development
613.729.6779 x224
Gail Faddies
Governance Coordinator
613.729.6779 x230
Joyce Davis (part time)
613.729.6779 x222
Suzanne Purkis (part time)
Managing Editor
Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology
Kristine Kasselis
Administrative Assistant
613.729.6779 x229