Clinical Practice Guidelines

Canadian Ophthalmological Society guidelines

Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) clinical practice guidelines are systematically developed and based on a thorough consideration of the medical literature and clinical experience, and describe a range of generally accepted approaches to diagnosis, management, and prevention.

These guidelines are not necessarily inclusive of all methods of care, or exclusive of other potentially appropriate methods of care. They are designed to assist decision-making, but are not intended to define a standard of care, or to replace clinical judgment.

COS expects that judgments in individual cases will be made in consultation with the patient, with appropriate regard to the whole patient, the individual circumstances of the patient, diagnostic and treatment options available, as well as available resources.

COS does not warrant that adherence to its guidelines will produce a successful outcome in every case.

Vision screening (children): Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the periodic eye examination in children aged 0-5 years in Canada | Appendix (December 2019)

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