Council on Advocacy

Mission Statement

The mission of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) is to strive toward the provision of optimal medical and surgical eye care for all Canadians by promoting excellence in ophthalmology and providing services to support its members in practice.

COS is the Advocate for vision health for all Canadians.

COS advances vision health by improving Canadian eye care standards through the work of its Board of Directors, Councils and Committees, as well as ties with national and international ophthalmological and eye care organizations.

Message from the Chair of the Council on Advocacy, Dr. Nina Ahuja

We are at a pivotal moment in our profession, with broader trends toward privatization presenting both challenges and opportunities for ophthalmology in Canada. In these times, it is crucial that we educate the public and remain united as a cohesive group of ophthalmologists. Our dedication to protecting our patients’ interests and advocating for our profession is more important than ever.

As the Chair of the COS Council on Advocacy, I am honoured to represent Canada’s eye physicians and surgeons. Our Council is committed to working strategically with governments, industry partners, and healthcare allies to address key advocacy issues. We aim to highlight the unique skills and contributions of ophthalmologists in both surgical and medical eye care to the public, physicians, the media, government, and health policymakers, and in alignment with the Canadian Ophthalmological Society’s mission to safeguard the gift of sight for all Canadians.  You can read our Advocacy Statement here.

Thanks to your generous support through the COS Advocacy and Public Awareness Fund, the COS has been able to represent your voice to government, the public, and other stakeholders. Working collaboratively and leveraging our collective expertise, we can enhance our ability to adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape and ensure that our profession continues to thrive.

On behalf of our Council, thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to our patients and profession.

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