Wet labs and workshops

Tuesday, June 29, 0800-1200

Space is limited for wet labs and workshops. You must register to guarantee your spot. You will be contacted to confirm your participation. Workshops will be held at the Hilton.

EMR: Electronic Medical Records Systems

Understanding your needs in selecting the right EMR system

Tuesday June 29, 0900-1200, Hilton Villeray

Robert Schertzer, MD

Robert Schertzer, MD James Sweeney, Practice Solutions

Many ophthalmologists don't know what they need in an EMR because they really don't know what an EMR can do. By understanding the need, preparing for, researching and selecting the right system, you will learn how an EMR can not only make your practice more efficient but also improve patient care by:

  • generating consult reports back to the referring doctor based on the data entered in the patient encounter
  • sending lab results automatically into your patients' records rather than sitting in a paper pile-upon your desk
  • graphing out eye pressure vs glaucoma medications over time to better understand what medications have or have not been working your patients
  • managing your time and direct interaction with the patient more efficiently.

You will be able to leave this workshop with an itemized list of the things you want an EMR to do for you, a practical guide that will help you choose the right vendor that will best meet your needs.

This workshop is co-developed according to Royal College accreditation guidelines with COS and Pfizer Canada.

Cornea Skills Lab: DALK for the Corneal Surgeon

Tuesday June 29, 0800-1200, Hilton, Room Sainte Foy/ Portneuf

Moderators: Guillermo Rocha, Rusty Ritenour

This hands-on wet lab will review Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty for the corneal surgeon. Various techniques will be reviewed with an emphasis on improving success with the "big-bubble" and manual dissection, strategies for minimizing perforations, review of new DALK instruments, and management of complications. Enrollment is limited.

Glaucoma New Surgical Technologies Course and Wet Lab

Tuesday June 29, 0700-0930 and 0930-1200, Hilton, Room Dufferin

Moderator: Dr. Paul Harasymowycz

Participants will learn about the indications, complications, as well as surgical techniques and pearls for I-Stent, Trabectome, Canaloplasty and Express Shunt surgeries. This is a didactic course followed by a wet lab where 16 participants will be divided into groups of 4. At 4 stations of 20 minutes each, participants will perform I-stent, Trabectome, Canaloplasty and Express Shunt Implantation.

The course will be given in 2 sessions: Group 1 (16 participants)- 0700 to 0930, and Group 2 (16 participants)- 0930 until 1200 noon.

Cataract Wet Lab: Astigmatism Management

Tuesday June 29, 0900-1200, Hilton - Courville/ Montmorency

Enrollment Limited

**Attendance at the Surgical Teaching Series (STS) on "Astigmatism Management in the Cataract Patient" on Saturday, June 26, 1045-1215 is a prerequisite to attending this Cataract Wet Lab**

This Cataract wet lab will build on the didactic Surgical Teaching Series (STS) on Astigmatism Management to give comprehensive ophthalmologists, residents, and fellows an opportunity to practice their surgical skills. The wet lab will be divided into 3 sections:

  1. approach, diagnostic testing, and decision management for astigmatism in the cataract patient
  2. application of corneal marking (preop, steep exis, and arc of treatment) and performance of limbal relaxing incisions on the cadaveric eye
  3. marking the cornea, folding, inserting and rotating Toric IOLs in the cadaveric eye

Learning objectives
At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • develop an approach to the management of astigmatism in the cataract patient, including preoperative testing and calculation of surgically induced astigmatism
  • apply nomogram and perform limbal relaxing incisions, including marking the cornea
  • develop a strategy for the selection of Toric IOLs, and understand folding and implantation techniques of Toric IOLs

Michael E. Snyder, MD
Ralph Chu, MD

Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD
Lindsay Ong-Tone, MD