Topics in Vision Rehabilitation

Charles Bonnet hallucinations; Macular perimetry

Saturday, June 20, 1045–1215
Carson A


At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Diagnose Charles Bonnet hallucinations
  • Describe the differential diagnosis for hallucinations
  • Assess fixation and scotoma patterns in patients with central field loss


Dominic ffytche
Lylas Mogk


Mary Lou Jackson


1045 Charles Bonnet syndrome: Introduction · Mary Lou Jackson
1055 The prevalence of visual hallucinations in a national low-vision client population · Keith Gordon
1105 Negative outcome Charles Bonnet syndrome and non-drug treatments · Dominic ffytche
1120 Discussion
1130 Location of the preferred retinal loci in better and worse seeing eyes of patients with AMD · Eli Kisilevsy
1140 Microperimetry and confusing cases: what you see and what the patient sees · Lylas Mogk
1155 Comprehensive vision rehabilitation: Closing the gaps for patients with vision loss in Canada · John Rafferty
1205 Discussion