Poster presentations

Location: Level 2, Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, British Columbia
Set-up: Thursday, June 18, 1400-2000
Take-down: Sunday, June 21, 1545-1800
Poster award presentation: 0800-1000 Current Concepts I, Friday, June 19th, 0800-1000
Size: Total usable space per poster board is 91″ wide by 45″ high

You are requested to be at your poster during morning breaks (0730 to 0800 and 1000 to 1045) to answer questions. We’ve scheduled specific days for specific subspecialties:

Friday June 19: Pathology, Pediatrics, Cornea

Saturday June 20: International & Public Health, Oculoplastics, Retina, Vision Rehabilitation

Sunday June 21: Cataract, Glaucoma, Neuro-ophthalmology, Uveitis

COS awards of excellence

1st place, $1000 | 2nd place, $750 | 3rd place, $500

To be considered for an award, your poster MUST be submitted electronically as a PDF in ADVANCE of the meeting. You must also submit 3 summary PowerPoint slides for presentation, which will be presented if your award is chosen as a winner. Upload your poster PDF and 3 summary slides directly to

Posters must be received before 2400 ET Tuesday April 28 to be eligible for the award.

The authors of the top three posters will give a simple 2-minute presentation to increase exposure of their work and facilitate further discussion with meeting attendees. This presentation will be during Current Concepts I on Friday June 19. As such, to be considered for the award, you must submit 3 slides with your poster:

  • Slide 1: Name of authors, affiliation(s), and title of the poster
  • Slide 2: Main question addressed by your work (primary outcome measured)
  • Slide 3: Conclusion reached by the work

The goal of the presentation is NOT to summarize the poster but to INTRODUCE the work described in the poster. We will not accept more than 3 slides.

Note: The session chair WILL STOP presenters who exceed their time, regardless of their place in the presentation. The first author of the winning posters will be contacted by the Adjudication Committee Chair in advance of the meeting to discuss details of the presentation.

Posters will be evaluated according to communicability, scientific communication and scientific merit/value. Judges will be looking for things like:

  • Innovative research, rigorous methods and conclusions supported by results
  • Title, authors are easily identifiable
  • Research question, background, methods, results, discussion and conclusion are relevant, logical and linked to one another
  • The poster is engaging, clear and eye catching
  • Formatting is appropriate and logical; graph and tables and clear and easily visible
  • Clear information that can be read in 3-4 minutes

Please note: All delegates must register for the meeting and pay the appropriate registration fees.