Guest speaker presentation information

As per Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada accreditation guidelines, speakers at the 2015 Canadian Ophthalmological Society meeting are kindly asked to review and adhere to the following accreditation criteria.


Any potential conflict of interest, regardless of its connection to the topics discussed or mentioned during this event, must be declared by the speakers. All speakers must complete the attached Conflict of interest disclosure form and return the COS.

In addition, all disclosures must be conveyed to the audience as a second slide as part of any presentation. The second slide should be displayed for an appropriate amount of time for participants to read. Sample disclosure slides are available for your convenience.

Learning objectives

Please include your learning objectives in your slides.

For assistance in creating the learning objectives for your presentation, please see Creating learning objectives on the Royal College website.

Drug names

Only generic names of medications should be used, whenever possible. Use of generic names only or generic and trade names should be consistent throughout any presentation.

Balanced information

If specific products or services are mentioned, there should be a balanced presentation of the prevailing body of scientific information on that product or service and of reasonable alternative treatment options.

If unapproved or off-label uses of a product are discussed, presenters must inform the audience of this fact.

Physicians should not engage in peer selling. Peer selling occurs when a pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer or service provider engages a physician to conduct an activity that focuses on or is designed to enhance the sale of its own products. Faculty of CPD events may intentionally or unintentionally engage in peer selling of products, tools, or devices if their presentations are not balanced, objective, and evidence informed.

Therefore, your presentation/activity must not include:

  • Product-specific materials
  • Product endorsements
  • Product logos or branding

Special AV requests

The scientific session room is equipped with standard audiovisual gear (podium, mics, floor mics, etc). If you require any special equipment or technology, please contact Manager, Continuing Professional Development at [email protected].

Uploading presentations

Upload your PC or MAC presentation directly to before 1800 EDT on Wednesday June 17, 2015.

Username: presenter
Upload password: cos2015

Note: You may make changes to your presentation up to 1 hour before the start of your session. We will not accept presentations within 1 hour of the START OF THE SESSION. If you do not upload your presentation, you will not be allowed to present.

  • If necessary, edit and revise your presentation the DAY BEFORE your scheduled talk.
  • Ensure your presentation meets the accreditation requirements (see above)
  • Ensure you have included your financial disclosure slide as the second slide of your presentation.
  • Upload and check your presentation in the Speaker Preview room
  • Confirm it has been received and is scheduled correctly.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session and check in with the session moderator.

Speaker preview room and AV assistance

Speakers may preview their presentations, make any changes, or get assistance from the audiovisual staff on site.

The speaker preview room is located in West Coast Room of the Victoria Conference Centre and will be open during the following hours:

Wednesday, June 17 1500-1900
Thursday, June 18 0630-1730
Friday, June 19 0630-1730
Saturday, June 20 0700-1730
Sunday, June 21 0800-1545