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Friday, June 19

Saturday, June 20

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Friday, June 19

Pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus

  1. Unilateral optic nerve aplasia and multiple retinochoroial coloboma in an infant · Lei Di Zhao, Gloria Isaza
  2. Delayed vitreous hemorrhage: An unusual complication of pediatric cataract surgery · Mikel Mikhail, Nancy Braverman, Robert Koenekoop, Ayesha Khan
  3. Retinal manifestations in Adams-Oliver syndrome · Madeline K. Kwok, Christof Senger, Anna Lehman, Christopher Lyons
  4. Painful acute corneal ulceration and anterior stromal keratitis in a teenager with reactive arthritis (Reiter disease) · Elham Al Qahtani, Jane Gardiner, Christopher Lyons
  5. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis with raised intracranial pressure in a pediatric patient: Case report and review of the literature · Maryam Abtahi, Michael O’Connor
  6. Leber congenital amaurosis in a mixed Canadian population: Characterization of genotypes and clinical phenotypes · Marcela P. Perez Araya, Elise Héon, Ajoy Vincent
  7. Novel PITX2 mutations in Chinese patients with Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome · >Xiangming Guo
  8. Ocular toxicity in children treated with deferasirox (Exjade) at the Hospital for Sick Children · Joshua S. Manusow, Melanie Kirby-Allen, Wai-Ching Lam
  9. Pediatric idiopathic orbital inflammatory syndrome: A case report and review of the literature · Susan Wakil, Ayesha Khan
  10. Rhino-orbital mucormycosis with ipsilateral orbital inflammatory syndrome, central retinal artery occlusion and contralateral fungal chorioretinitis in a child · Christine Law, Jeffrey Gale, Vladimir Kratky, Yi-Ning Strube

Cornea, external disease & refractive surgery

  1. Complication of non-contact tonometry in traumatic corneal perforation · Konrad Chmiel, Mathew Regan, Vikas Sharma
  2. The role of anterior segment optical coherence tomography (OCT) in diagnosis of corneal hydrops post pentrating keratoplasty in keratoconus patient · Majed Alkharashi
  3. Glaucoma surgery in Boston type 1 keratoprosthesis patients at the University of Montreal Hospital Center · Salima Hassanaly, Michaël Marchand, Kinda Najem, Samuel Levallois-Gignac, Younes Agoumi, Mona Harissi-Dagher
  4. Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty in patients with low intraocular pressure · Salima Hassanaly, Johanna Choremis, Michele Mabon, Laura Segal
  5. Clinical outcomes of patients with Terrien’s degeneration · Randall Ulate, Aaron T. Chan

Saturday, June 20

International and public health ophthalmology

  1. Effect of surgical teacher tracking on resident participation in cataract surgery · Graham W. Belovay, Donna Punch, Vera Stiuso, John C. Lloyd, Sherif El-Defrawy, David B. Yan
  2. Hot topic Visual impairment and unmet eye care needs among homeless adults in Toronto · Christopher W. Noel, Henry Fung, Raman Srivastava, Stephen Hwang, Alan R. Berger, Myrna Lichter
  3. Survey of Canadian ophthalmology residency applicants: Priorities, opinions, and knowledge of ophthalmology · Nathan Carrell, Khaliq Kurji, Jaspreet S. Rayat, Rehan Riyaz, Stanley Chan
  4. Relative importance of the components of the CaRMS application: Longitudinal changes in perceptions of medical students · Amaka Eneh, Stephanie Baxter, Tetyana Rogalska
  5. Hot topic Inpatient consultations in ophthalmology at a Canadian tertiary-care eye centre · Raymond Ko, Brianne Philipenko, Caitlin Jantzen, Paul Murphy
  6. Role of primary care physicians in ophthalmic care – patterns, perceptions and barriers: a three-year comparative study · Vikram Lekhi, Paul Huang, Peter T. Huang, John Huang
  7. Comparison of microbial contamination rates between 2.5ml and 5.0ml dispensers of Travoprost 0.004% with Sofzia · Renée Petrie, Pierre Blondeau, Mohammad Hamid, Olivier Lasnier
  8. Convergence of cost estimates for a glaucoma laser randomized clinical trial · William Hodge, Omar Akhtar, Janet Martin, Gregory Zaric
  9. Improving glaucoma screening in rural Alberta: patient satisfaction with teleophthalmology versus ophthalmologist-based screening · Khaliq Kurji, Irfan N. Kherani, Sourabh Arora, Chris Rudnisky, Karim F. Damji

Oculoplastic & reconstructive surgery

  1. Mucocele of the orbit with acute severe visual loss · Si-Liang (Katie) Peng, Patrice Archambault, Thomas Conti, Bryan Arthurs
  2. 6-Year review of periocular carcinoma · Aaron Vandermeulen, Ryan Eidsness
  3. Orbital cellulitis causing secondary endophthalmitis via an aqueous drainage device · Kunyong Xu, Gary L. Yau, Christine Law, Stephanie Baxter, James Farmer, Vladimir Kratky, Delan Jinapriya
  4. Recognizing eyelid assymetry: Threshold for the detection of upper eyelid position asymmetry among doctors and non-medically trained observers · Amaka Eneh, Vladimir Kratky
  5. Necrobiotic xanthogranuloma in the context of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and giant cell arteritis · Amaka Eneh, Vladimir Kratky
  6. V to T reconstruction of anterior lamellar eyelid defects · Vasudha Gupta, John T. Harvey
  7. Epidemiology and prognosis of primary periocular sweat-gland carcinomas · Vivian T. Yin, Meredith S. Baker, Doina Ivan, Erin Shriver, Bita Esmaeli


  1. Cost analysis of vitrectomy with or without phacoemulsification surgery in the management of macular holes · Walter Andreatta, Kwesi Amassah-Arthur, Ibrahim Elaroud, Arijit Mitra
  2. 1st Prize, COS Award for Excellence in Research (Poster)
    Six-year prevalence and incidence of diabetic retinopathy and cost-effectiveness of tele-ophthalmology in Manitoba · Raageen Kanjee, Ravi Dookeran, Mathen Mathen, Frank Stockl, Richard Leicht
  3. Effects of epiretinal membranes on anti-VEGF treatment in neovascular age-related macular degeneration patients · Mustafa Kapasi, Chris Hong, William A. Britton, Thomas Lee
  4. Postoperative visual loss in Manitoba: Incidence and risk factors in a large, longitudinal administrative database · Violet Luo, Thomas Mutter, Frank Stockl
  5. 2nd Prize, COS Award for Excellence in Research (Poster)
    Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine retinopathy: a systematic review evaluating the multifocal electroretinogram as a screening test · Adrian C. Tsang, Sina Ahmadi- Pirshahid, Chloe Gottlieb, Stuart G. Coupland
  6. Assessment of online health resources for ophthalmology patients with age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy · David Carlone, Patrick Yoo, Wai- Ching Lam
  7. Management of an optic disk pit associated macular detachment with Evicel® fibrin sealant · Mathew Palakkamanil, David Chow
  8. Flucinolone acetate intravitreal implant role in treatment of chronic diabetic macular edema: 3-month results of a multi-centred retrospective UK observational study · Ibrahim M. Elaraoud, Walter Andreatta, Andreas Ikdress, Ajay Bhatnagar, Marie Tsaloumas, Fahad Quhill, Yit Yang
  9. Interim analysis results from INJECT: Investigation of JETREA in patients with confirmed vitreomacular traction · Michel Giunta
  10. Pilot study of an interdisciplinary educational and support program for patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration · Shehzad Kassam, Carissa Kratchmer, Abid Valji, Matthew Tennant, Imran Jivraj
  11. Intraocular epithelial tumours: literature review and presentation of 2 cases · Abdullah A. Al-Qahtani, Hind M. Alkatan
  12. The use of wide-field retinal imaging versus seven standard photos in the classification of diabetic retinopathy by ophthalmology resident ·
    Dima Kalache, Razek Coussa, Michael A. Kapusta, David Lederer
  13. Sub-Tenon’s regional anesthesia for intraocular surgery: A safe, efficacious and simplified approach using a blunted cannula ·
    Monique Munro, Kevin J. Warrian, Tom Gonder, Amin Kherani
  14. Variable clinical appearance of combined hamartomas of the retina and retinal pigment epithelium · Harpal S. Sandhu, Benjamin Kim
  15. Anatomical and visual outcomes following Jetrea treatment for vitreomacular traction – the initial Calgary experience · Michael Fielden, Amin Kherani, Geoff Williams
  16. Diagnosis of varix of the vortex vein: a frequent diagnostic pitfall · Ayman Abdul Aziz, Filiberto Altomare, Hatem Krema
  17. Is tele-oncology an accurate and safe tool to follow choroidal and iris nevi? · Ezekiel Weis, Hila Zommer
  18. Comparison of visual function of USH2A-related Usher syndrome to USH2A-related autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa ·
    Elise Héon, Vaishnavi Batmanabane, Ajoy Vincent
  19. Additive layer manufacturing (3D printing) of retinal surgery instruments: a proof of concept · Storm E. Patterson, Kayleigh Creber, Julia Prince, Irina Teodorescu, Eduardo Navajas
  20. SD-OCT and FAF imaging of the macula after successful repair of macula-off retinal detachment with poor visual outcome ·
    Natalia Vila, Christina Ryu, Sulaiman Al-Humaid, John C. Chen
  21. Pneumatic retinopexy as a treatment for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in paediatric patients · Daniel Warder, Rajeev Muni, Shao-Onn Yong, Peter J. Kertes

Sunday, June 21

Cataract surgery

  1. Predictors of functional vision changes following cataract surgery (the PROVISION study) · Joshua Barbosa, Varun Chaudhary, Marko Popovic, Michael Mak, Kaela Gusenbauer, S. Mohammad Mohaghegh P.
  2. Evaluation of the iOphthalmology mobile application as a tool to increase patients’ knowledge and satisfaction of cataract surgery · Mirian M. Dang, Harry Dang
  3. Porcine cataract creation using formalin or microwave treatment in an ophthalmology wet lab · Robert W. Machuk, Sourabh Arora, Morley Kutzner, Karim F. Damji
  4. Application of lean thinking in cataract surgery: patient safety, waitlists, resources · Adrienne Duimering, Edith Imber, Carla Service, Hamza Khan
  5. Analysis of intraocular lens power calculation formulas for flat corneas · Henry Chen, Michelle Ceniza, N. Kevin Wade
  6. Intraocular lens fracture as a complication of laser posterior capsulotomy · Harmanjit Singh, Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, Diamond Tam, Sarah L. Kwan
  7. Acute presentation of an unidentified intraocular foreign body · Munir Iqbal, Rookaya Mather
  8. Practice patterns among cataract surgeons at The Ottawa Hospital · Nima Noordeh, Michael Myles
  9. Intracapsular cataract extraction in buphthalmic eye: Case report · André Vicente, Ana Cabugueira, Vanessa Lemos, Livio Costa, Duarte Amado, Nuno Marques, Joao Feijao


  1. Economic analysis of medical vs surgical management in open angle glaucoma: A Canadian perspective · Hamza N. Khan, Adrienne Duimering
  2. Chronic prostaglandin analogue treatment persistently depresses intraocular pressure following washout · Eddie Y. Liu, Vlad Diaconita, Jillian Belrose, Cindy Hutnik
  3. Surgical management of uveitis glaucoma hyphema (UGH) syndrome · Moness Masri, Tessa A. Weinberg, Xavier M. Campos-Möller, Chris Rudnisky, Jay Ching-Chieh Wang, Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed
  4. Ocular surface disease among patients on topical glaucoma drug therapy: A systematic review of the literature · Nima Mohammad-Shahi, Helena Zakrzewski, Ali Hafez, Cindy Hutnik
  5. Postural-induced changes of intraocular pressure in treated glaucoma patients · Jeremy A. Murphy, Paul Artes, Marcelo Nicolela, Lesya Shuba
  6. Vection responses in early stage glaucoma · Martin J. Steinbach
  7. Longitudinal rates of neuroretinal rim and retinal nerve fibre layer change in glaucoma patients and controls: A study of conventional and anatomically accurate indices · Jayme R. Vianna, Vishva M. Danthurebandara, Glen Sharpe, Anne Belliveau, Donna Hutchison, Marcelo Nicolela, Balwantray Chauhan
  8. The correlation between retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and the axial length using optical coherence tomography (OCT) · Bassam N. Al-Khalaf
  9. How old is old in glaucoma? A comparative analysis of elderly and middle-aged patients · Antony Clark, Christoph Kranemann, Catherine Birt
  10. Hot topic The effect of orally inhaled corticosteroids on intraocular pressure in patients with ocular hypertension or controlled glaucoma · Edward B. Moss, Yvonne M. Buys, Darana Yuen, Stephanie A. Low, Graham E. Trope
  11. 3rd Prize, COS Award for Excellence in Research (Poster)
    The interaction of primary human trabecular meshwork cells with metal alloy candidates for micro-invasive glaucoma surgery · Wendy (Wan) Wang , Kelsey Watson , Jeffrey Dixon, Hong Liu, Amin Rizkalla, Cindy M. Hutnik
  12. Trabeculectomy and sub-conjunctival ranibizumab: a prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial · Mohammad Hamid, Paul Harasymowycz, Mark Lesk, Daniel Desjardins, Veronica Flores, Fawzia Djafari, Gisele Li
  13. Paradigm shift: SLT and topical medications for glaucoma · Vlad Diaconita, David Schulz, Jillian Belrose, Yufeng (Nancy) N. Chen, Dariusz Gozdzik, Dania Jamal, Eddie Y. Liu, Monali Malvankar, Cindy Hutnik
  14. Utilizing the DISCERN Instrument to assess the quality of internet websites on peripheral iridotomy · Paul Huang, Ammar Mahmood, Kevin J. Warrian, Patrick Gooi
  15. The relationship between ophthalmic characteristics and utility values of glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy (DR) patients · Sera-Melisa Thomas, William Hodge, Cindy Hutnik, Monali Malvankar
  16. Complications and 3-year survival of canaloplasty in glaucoma · Faisal Almobarak
  17. Excision of fibrotic capsule over glaucoma drainage devices and mitomycin C: one-year results with and without Ologen · Félix Bernier Turmel, Paul Harasymowycz
  18. Utilizing the DISCERN instrument to assess the quality of internet websites on trabeculectomy · Ammar Mahmood, Paul Huang, Kevin J. Warrian, Patrick Gooi
  19. Hot topic Screening for glaucomatous damage with the ganglion cell complex of spectral domain OCT: A pilot study · Ghada Seyam, Harmanjit Singh, Paul Harasymowycz


  1. Assessment of quality of neuro-ophthalmology referrals in tertiary practice · Cindy T. Lam, Edward Margolin


  1. The multifocal electroretinogram may predict functional retinal deterioration in patients with birdshot chorioretinopathy · Adrian C. Tsang, Paul A. Bastianelli, John Hamilton, Stuart G. Coupland, Chloe Gottlieb
  2. Disseminated chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis presenting as endogenous candida albicans endophthalmitis · Qianqian Wang, Simon Frédéric Dufresne, Marie-Josée Aubin
  3. Multiple evanescent white dot syndrome masquerading as myopic choroidal neovascular membrane · Keyvan Koushan