Ocular regeneration

Sunday, June 21, 1045–1215
Carson B


At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Share research ideas in the area of ocular regeneration and consider collaborative studies
  • Identify other ophthalmologists in Canada with an interest and expertise in ocular regenerative medicine
  • Develop a better understanding about the use of a Boston keratoprosthesis to treat patients with advanced ocular surface disease
  • Learn about the potential use of the ARGUS implant for patients with retinal blindness
  • Learn about a new technique for treating limbal stem cell disease (SLET)
  • Develop a needs assessment regarding organizing a Canadian Ocular Regeneration Society


Hariminder Dua


Allan Slomovic


1045 Business meeting
1105 Limbal stem cells: Science and surgery · Harminder Dua
1130 Discussion
1135 The Argus II Artificial Retinal Implant. The Toronto experience · Robert Devenyi
1142 Discussion
1145 Boston KPro · Mona Harissi-Dagher
1152 Discussion
1155 Lamellar KPro · Kashif Baig
1202 Discussion
1205 Simple limbal epithelial transplantation · Mauricio Perez
1212 Discussion