International / Public Health Ophthalmology

Saturday, June 20, 1045–1215
Carson B


At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Describe the important role of ophthalmology subspecialists in eliminating avoidable blindness in the developing world
  • Outline challenges faced in developing tertiary ophthalmology centers in the developing world
  • Sensitize others about the problem of underemployment among newly graduated ophthalmologists in Canada


John Kempen
Avinash Mahindrakar


Simon Hollands
Ralf Buhrmann


1045 Subspecialty eye care in global blindness alleviation · J. Kempen
1105 From cataract surgery to subspecialty eye care in Andhra Pradesh: Building the Srikiran vision · A. Mahindrakar
1120 Questions and panel discussion
1130 Traumatic hyphema in badminton players: Should eye protection be mandatory? · Megan Chi
1139 Evaluation of occupational ocular trauma: are we doing enough to promote eye safety in the workplace? · Helena Zakrzewski
1147 Questions and panel discussion
1152 Unmet eye care needs among a homeless youth population · C. Noel
1201 Canadian ophthalmologists’ first years in practice employment survey · Joshua Manusow
1211 Questions and panel discussion