Canadian Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses

The changing landscape of ophthalmology

Friday, June 19, 0800-1715


Upon completion off today’s sessions CSORN members should be able to integrate the
following objectives into their ophthalmic nursing practice.

  • Understand the indications, efficacy and safety of newer surgical techniques in glaucoma
  • Understand how visual field testing facilitates the diagnosis process for glaucoma
  • Identify the pearls and challenges in the surgical implantation of the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System
  • Understand the benefits of nutritionals for the AMD patients
  • Discuss how new technology and FemtoSecond laser are changing cataract surgery and providing new choices for patients
  • Identify the key elements of LEAN process design as applied to health care settings
  • Identify common barriers to Workplace Wellness for Nurses


Karim Damji
Steve Schendel
Hamza Khan
Pat Saunders
Briar Sexton
Himat Vaghadia
Lori Frederick
Rosina Gemba
John Blaylock


Catherine Callaghan
Linda Wong


0730 Registration
0800 Opening remarks · Catherine Callaghan
0805 Just how safe and effective are newer glaucoma surgical procedures in lowering IOP? Sponsored by Labtician · Karim Damji
0850 The role of visual fields in glaucoma · Steve Schendel
0920 LEAN design in an ambulatory ophthalmology surgery clinic · Hamza Khan
1000 Break
1045 An overview of the role of nutrition and supplementation in macular degeneration · Briar Sexton
1115 Annual CSORN Meeting
1215 Lunch
1330 Keynote speaker: Evidence based workplace wellness for nurses · Dr. Himat Vaghadia
1430 The pearls and challenges of the ARGUS II implant · Lori Frederick RN, Rosina Gemba RN
1500 Break
1545 How femtosecond laser is evolving cataract surgery · John Blaylock
1615 Panel discussion – Patient counseling and new technology · Panel members will be announced at CSORN meeting