COS 4: Current Concepts II

Saturday, June 20, 0800–1000


At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Integrate approaches to manage refractive surprises
  • Describe MIGS and differentiate suitable patients for various glaucoma procedures
  • Assess the role of microperimetry in vision rehabilitation
  • Apply ethical principles when introducing clinical innovation


Warren Hill
Ron Fellman
Alex Levin
Elizabeth Yeu
Lylas Mogk
Dominic ffytche


Yvonne M. Buys
Lindsay Ong-Tone


0800 Introductions · Yvonne M. Buys
0805 Managing the refractive surprise: What you need to know · Warren Hill
0817 Discussion
0822 Tailor your glaucoma procedure to the patient: MIGS to filtration · Ron Fellman
0834 Discussion
0840 COS Lecture: Let’s try something new: Innovations ethics for the ophthalmologist · Alex Levin
0900 Discussion
0905 Cataract surgery in the presence of corneal pathology · Elizabeth Yeu
0917 Discussion
0922 Microperimetry in comprehensive vision rehabilitation · Lylas Mogk
0934 Discussion
0940 Visual hallucinations in eye disease · Dominic ffytche
0952 Discussion