Canadian Cornea, External Disease & Refractive Surgery Society

Refractive Surgery Symposium
Preventing, identifying and managing complications: a text polling, real-time interactive symposium

Friday June 29, 2012, 1045-1215
Harbour B

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Integrate knowledge from new developments in the prevention and management of refractive surgery complications.
  • Demonstrate enhanced ability to manage challenging lasik flap complications.
  • Assess current management knowledge by real-time, interactive text polling in the decision process of challenging cases.

Ronald R. Krueger, MD, MSE
Guillermo Rocha

1045Welcome and introduction
1050Interactive case discussion
Ronald R. Krueger
1115Panel discussion
Prevention: Would you do this case - Kashif Baig
Management: Post-LASIK ectasia - Guillermo Rocha
Flap complications: Ingrowth and buttonholes - Avi Wallerstein, Mark Cohen
1158What are the risks of corneal perforation after corneal crosslinking in keratoconus?
Mayte Arino, Charlotte I. Wedge, Simon Holland, Martin McCarthy, Gregory Moloney, Valerie A. White, Alex Lange
1204Risks of cosmetic iris implantation
John C. Lloyd, Jason Noble, Sherman Ho Yin Li
1215Closing remarks

Ronald R. Krueger, MD, MSE