The Canadian Orthoptic Society

Scientific Program

Monday, June 28, 0830-1715
Room 202

Dr. Agnes Wong

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • deliberate the current controversies, facts and surgical techniques surrounding strabismus treatment
  • review congenital / neurologic motility disorders and classification
  • discuss atypical cases in the orthoptic clinic
� � �
0830 Welcome: Opening remarks
0835 Dr. John Pratt-Johnson Lecture: Intermittent exotropia:�Facts, opinions & unknowns
Kenneth Romanchuk
0920 A fresh look at binocular vision
Gail Stephenson
0935 Retrobulbar botulinum toxin (Botox) injection for intractable oscillopsia in a 60 year old man
Randy Walker, Shehla Rubab
0950 Discussion
1000 Break in Exhibition Hall
1045 Horizontal gaze palsy with progressive scoliosis: A case study
Joel Hyndman
1100 Congenital ocular motility disorders � An evolving classification
Darren Oystreck
1115 Botox for strabismus: Should we be offering it to more of our patients?
Andrew Budning
1130 Resecting the lateral rectus in Duane syndrome
Stephen Kraft
1145 Clinical findings and surgical treatment of inferior oblique palsy
Michael Flanders, Raquel Beneish, Steve Roberts
1200 Discussion
1215 Lunch in Exhibition Hall �
1330 Graduate and award presentations
1340 International Orthoptic Association Congress 2012 remarks
Elizabeth Caines
1345 Retinopathy of prematurity�The orthoptist�s role
Gregg T. Lueder
1415 Are children with NLDO more likely to have amblyopia risk factors?
Noelle Matta, Eric L. Singman, David I. Silbert
1430 Pediatric nystagmus
Luis Ospina
1445 Discussion
1500 Break in Exhibition Hall
1545 Assessment, interpretation and management of ocular torsion
Gill Roper-Hall
1600Idiopathic convergence paralysis
Catherine Day, Amadeo Rodriguez, Robert Adam, Sourabh Arora
1615 Preserved Bell�s phenomenon in Miller Fisher syndrome
Amadeo Rodriguez
1630 Paralysis of the near reflex
Christy Giligson
1645 Intermittent double vision
Briar Sexton
1700 Discussion
1715 Adjourn


Tuesday, June 29, 0800-1100
Hilton, Room TBD

0800From the brain to the eye: What 50 years of laboratory research has revealed about amblyopia and binocular vision
Kyle Arnoldi
0900What's new with skew deviation?
Dr. Agnes Wong
1000The unique oblique: mechanisms of superior oblique dysfunction
Gill Roper-Hall