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September 10-12, 2020
September 9-11, 2021
September 8-10, 2022

Preliminary scientific program

Thursday September 12 | Friday September 13 | Saturday September 14

Thursday September 12, 0800-1715

Session 1: Current Burden and Future Hope
  • Glaucoma Epidemiology: Canada & the world
  • Neuroprotection and Regenerative Medicine
  • Glaucoma and Vision-related Quality of Life
Session 2: The Suspect
  • Glaucoma Risk Assessment and Management
  • IOP: How should we be measuring it?
  • Why What You Have Been Taught about the Optic Disc Is Not Entirely True
  • What Am I Looking At: Glaucoma vs. neuro-ophthalmic cupping
  • Myopia and Glaucoma Risk
Session 3: The Newly Diagnosed Patient
  • Patient Communication
  • Target IOP: Relevant or not
  • New Medications
  • How and When to Refer
  • Pitfalls to Avoid when Managing the Glaucoma Patient
Session 4: The Progressing Patient
  • Help! My patient is getting worse with good IOP
  • Role of Home Tonometry, WDT, Peak IOP
  • Practical Tips for Detecting Progression in Glaucoma
  • OCT Angiography in Glaucoma: The emperor's new clothes?
  • Big Data Analytics in the Glaucoma Clinic

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Friday September 13, 0800-1715

Session 5: Intervention I
  • What Is MTMT and Impact of Topical Medications on OSD/QOL
  • Smoke and Mirrors: Complementary and alternative treatment for glaucoma
  • Laser Trabeculoplasty: First-line therapy?
  • Glaucoma Algorithms
Session 6: Intervention II
  • MIGS - Diving into angle surgery without drowning
  • Debate: Subconj MIGS vs. trabeculectomy
  • Cycloablation (Micropulse, CPC, Endo-CPC)
  • Post-operative Management and When to Refer Back
  • Phaco/MIGS Clinical Dilemmas
  • Future of Drugs and Sustained Delivery
Session 7: Secondary Glaucoma
  • Pseudoexfoliation
  • Pigment Dispersion
  • Neovascular Glaucoma and Anti-VEGF Injections
  • IOL Related (UGH)
  • Steroid Response
Session 8: Angle closure
  • Angle Closure Mechanism and Classification
  • Acute Angle Closure
  • Debate: To PI or not to PI
  • Persistent Angle Closure Post Laser Iridotomy
  • Rare Causes of Angle Closure

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Saturday September 14, 0800-1200

Session 9: Cataract Surgery in the Glaucoma Patient
  • Perioperative Management
  • Small Pupil
  • Weak Zonules
  • Shallow AC and Nanophthalmos (Pre-op, Intra-op, and Post-op Considerations)
  • IOL Selection
Session 10: Challenging Cases and OCT Dilemmas

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