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September 10-12, 2020
September 9-11, 2021
September 8-10, 2022

Scientific Program

Provinces/Confederation Ballroom I


Thursday September 12 | Friday September 13 | Saturday September 14

Thursday September 12

Current Burden and Future Hope

Moderator - Ike K. Ahmed

0750Welcome · Kashif Baig
0755Introduction · Ike K. Ahmed
0805How Big a Problem is Glaucoma in Canada and the World? · Ralf R. Buhrmann
0820Why are Those Treating and Being Treated for Glaucoma Under Pressure? · Ike K. Ahmed
0835Sally Letson Lecture: How and When Will My Glaucoma Patient Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy? · Leslie S. Jones
0905Panel Discussion/Q&A
0920What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?

The Glaucoma Suspect

Moderator - Garfield Miller

0955Introduction and Audience Survey
1000How Do I Incorporate Risk Assessment in Glaucoma Assessment? · Leslie S. Jones
1015What is the Optimal Way to Work with Optometry to Care for My Glaucoma Patients? · Thomas Noël
1030Why What You Have Been Taught About the Optic Disc is Not Entirely True · Balwantray Chauhan
1045What Am I Looking At? Glaucoma vs. Neuro-Ophthalmic Cupping · Catherine Birt
1100Is Myopia a Risk Factor for Glaucoma? · Georges Durr
1115Panel Discussion/Q&A
1135What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?
1140LUNCH - Confederation Ballroom II/III

The Newly Diagnosed Patient

Moderator - Ralf R. Buhrmann

1245Introduction and Audience Survey
1250"How Do I Tell This to My Patient?" Communication in Glaucoma · Leslie S. Jones
1305Target IOP: Relevant or Not? · Delan Jinapriya
1320How and When Do I Best Refer My Patient to a Glaucoma Specialist? · Devesh Varma
1335Pitfalls to Avoid When Managing the Glaucoma Patient · David Marshall
1350OCT Angiography in Glaucoma: The Emperor's New Clothes? · Balwantray Chauhan
1405Panel Discussion/Q&A
1425What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?

The Progressing Patient

Moderator - David Marshall

1500Introduction and Audience Survey
1505Help! My Patient is Getting Worse with Good IOP · Paul Harasymowycz
1520Should I Assess IOP Beyond the Office? Home Tonometry, Water Drinking Test and Peak IOP · Georges Durr
1535How Can I Improve My Ability to Detect Progression? · Balwantray Chauhan
1550What Causes Glaucoma Cupping? · Harry A. Quigley
1605Panel Discussion/Q&A
1620What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?

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Friday September 13

Intervention I

Moderator - Nir Shoham-Hazon

0755Welcome · Kashif Baig
0800Introduction and Audience Survey
0805When Have I Reached Max Topical Meds for My Patient? · Leslie S. Jones
0820Smoke and Mirrors: Complementary and Alternative Treatment for Glaucoma · Catherine Birt
0835Should Laser Trabeculoplasty Be First Line Therapy? · David Marshall
0850How Long Until You Bring Back My Lost Vision from Glaucoma, Doctor? · Harry A. Quigley
0905Panel Discussion/Q&A
0925A. Gardner Watson Lecture: All These Options, How Do I Chose What When? Glaucoma Algorithms · Ike K. Ahmed
1000What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?

Intervention II

Moderator - Devesh Varma

1030Introduction and Audience Survey
1035MIGS - Diving into Angle Surgery Without Drowning · Arsham Sheybani
1050Debate: Subconjunctival MIGS vs. Trabeculectomy · Harry A. Quigley & Arsham Sheybani
1110Is There Really a Role for Ciliary Body Procedures? Micropulse and Cycloablation · Paul Harasymowycz
1125Managing Glaucoma Patients after Surgery and When to Refer Back · Paul Harasymowycz
1140Panel Discussion/Q&A
1150My Patient has Cataract and Glaucoma - Clinical Scenarios with Discussion · Hady Saheb
1210What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?
1215Bryan St. L. Liddy Lecture: The Future of Glaucoma Therapy · Harry A. Quigley
1250LUNCH - Confederation Ballroom II/III

Secondary Glaucomas

Moderator - Catherine Birt

1350Introduction and Audience Survey
1355My Patient has Pseudoexfoliation: Do I Need to Change My Management? · Hady Saheb
1405How to Best Manage My Patient with Pigment Dispersion · Arsham Sheybani
1415Anti-VEGF Injections: Are They Treating or Causing Glaucoma? · Matthew Schlenker
1425Could That IOL Be Causing Glaucoma? · Devesh Varma
1435Does My Patient Have Steroid Response? Best Management · Delan Jinapriya
1445Panel Discussion/Q&A
1500What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?

Angle Closure

Moderator - Paul Harasymowycz

1530Introduction and Audience Survey
1535How to Better Understand Angle Closure Mechanisms and Develop a Classification System · Harry A. Quigley
1550IOP 50, Angles Closed… Now What? · Delan Jinapriya
1605My Patient has Narrow Angles. Is a PI Needed? · Devesh Varma
1620Debate: Cataract Surgery in Primary Angle Closure and Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma · Harry A. Quigley & Arsham Sheybani
1640Could My Patient Have a Rare Cause of Angle Closure? · Maryam Abtahi
1655Panel Discussion/Q&A
1715What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?
1730Welcome Reception - All Delegates Welcome
Westin Hotel, TwentyTwo, located on the 22nd floor

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Saturday September 14

Cataract Surgery in the Glaucoma Patient

Moderator - Ike K. Ahmed

0755Welcome · Kashif Baig
0800Introduction and Audience Survey
0805Perioperative Management and Planning · Delan Jinapriya
0820Small Pupil · Arsham Sheybani
0835Weak Zonules · Devesh Varma
0850Shallow AC and Nanophthalmos (Pre-Op, Intra-Op, and Post-Op Considerations) · Ike K. Ahmed
0905Pearls on How to Manage Phaco Challenges in Glaucoma Patients · Matthew Schlenker
0920Panel Discussion/Q&A
0940What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?

Challenging Clinical Cases

Moderator - Arsham Sheybani

1015Challenging Clinical Cases - Instructive Real-Life Cases with Audience Participation and Panel Discussion · Arsham Sheybani & Faculty
1130Surprisingly Helpful OCT Cases · Andrew Crichton & Hady Saheb
1215What Do I Need to Know and What Does My Patient Need to Know?
1220Concluding Remarks · Ike K. Ahmed & Kashif Baig

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