Lauréats du prix de conférence W. Bruce Jackson

Prix annuel décerné par la Société canadienne de la cornée, des maladies externes et de la chirurgie réfractive pour souligner une contribution exceptionnelle à la recherche et à la pratique clinique.

2019 Donald T.H. Tan, MBBS, FRCSG, FRCSE, FRCOphth, FAMS
Is corneal transplantation really that good?
2018 Soosan Jacob, MS, FRCS, DNB
Everything you wanted to know about PDEK
2017 Damien Gatinel, MD
Redefining the criteria for keratoconus progression
2016 Rajesh Fogla, MD, FRCS
Topography-guided laser treatment in refractive surgery
2015 Harminder Singh Dua, MBBS, DO
The discovery of Dua’s Layer
2014 M. Bowes Hamill, MD
Transitioning from DSEK to DMEK
2013 Sheraz M. Daya, MD, FACP, FACS, FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth
Patches, wedges and crescents – pushing the boundaries
2012 Anthony J. Aldave, MD
Boston type I K-Pro, improving outcomes and expanding indications
2011 Donald T.H. Tan, FRCSE, FRCSG, FRCOphth, FAMS
Osteo-odonto keratoprosthesis (OOKP)
2010 Jesus Merayo, MD, PhD, MBA, DO
New developments in corneal wound healing
2009 Steven E. Wilson, MD
Corneal haze: etiology and prevention
2008 Terrence P. O’Brien, MD
Update on wavefront-guided customized ablations
2007 Eduardo Alfonso, MD
Management of corneal infectious disease and update in bugs and drugs
2006 Mark Mannis
History of Keratoplasty
2005 Peter R. Laibson, MD
Anterior corneal dystrophies and recurrent erosions
2004 Terrence P. O’Brien, MD
Newer horizons in ocular anti-infective therapy
2003 Hélène Boisjoly, MD
What I have learned about corneal transplantation

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