Community Health Symposium: Meeting the Needs of Canada's Underserved Eyecare Patients

Dimanche 27 juin, 0830-1000
Salle 206 AB

Paul Courtright PhD

Simon Holland

� la fin de la session, les participants pourront :

  • appr�cier la port�e et l'�tendue des probl�mes des patients oculaires mal desservis au Canada
  • discuter des strat�gies existantes et potentielles pour pallier � ces probl�mes
Free papers
Simon Holland
Free papers
0832Novel online retina specialist referral system in the Calgary area: A study of efficiency
Jian Zhou, Amin Kherani, Geoff Williams, Nidhi Lodha
0835Needs assessment of ophthalmology teaching for primary care physicians-in-training: comparison with the International Council of Ophthalmology recommendations
Cindy Hutnik, Edwin Lee, Toby Chan, Jordan Glicksman
0838Glaucoma Screening by Primary Care Physicians in Alberta - Patterns, methods and deficiencies
Vikram Lekhi, John T. Huang, Peter T. Huang, Paul Y. Huang
0841Ophthalmology-related Emergency Room Visits in a Canadian Tertiary Care Centre
Rishi Gupta, Aleksandra Lesniak, Lisa Calder, Michael O'Connor
Community Health Symposium: Meeting the Needs of Canada's Underserved Eyecare Patients
0850Introduction: Blindness and visual disability in Canada's vulnerable populations
Simon Holland
0902CNIB: The problems and how we are trying to fix them
Keith Gordon
0913Isolated communities: The view of a resident northern eye care professional: What works and what does not
Barry Lester
0921Outcome of cataract surgeries in a remote community
Jean Chuo, Sonia Yeung, David Fine, Simon Holland
0929Learning from an international NGO: The Orbis experience
Brian Leonard
0937Challenges of providing eye care to the urban poor and socially isolated
David Maberley
0945Out of Africa: Barriers and solutions - Advice from afar
Paul Courtright
0953 Discussion

Paul Courtright PhD

Co-director, Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology, Tumaini University, Moshi, Tanzania