S�ances de travail

Tous les s�ances de travail auront lieu au Hilton.

HeureS�ance de travailAnimateurSalon
Vendredi, 25 juin
1300-1500ACUPOSherif El-DefrawyPlaines
1300-1500Royal College: Executive Walter Delpero Dufferin
1400-1700COS: Council on Provincial Affairs (CPA)Andrew Budning Sillery
1500-1700Royal College: Specialty Denise Walter
Walter Delpero
1700-1900COS: Board of Directors Jennifer Brunet-Colvey Sillery
Samedi, 26 juin
0630-0830COS: Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology (CJO)Adrienne Szalamin B�lair
0700-1000Canadian Orthoptic Council: ExecutiveCathie Day Lauzon
0830-1000Undergrad Directors Yasser Khan TBA - Hilton
1100-1200COS: Residents' Affairs Committee Kelly Schweitzer 
1200-1500Eye Bank Committee Mary Gatien Beaumont
1215-1330COS: International OphthalmologyRalf Buhrmann De Tourny
1800-2200Canadian Orthoptic Council: Business meetingCathie Day Lauzon
Dimanche, 27 juin
0700-0815CCOTPCindy YorkLauzon
0700-0830COS: Annual General Meeting (AGM)Jennifer Brunet-ColveyDe Tourny
0830-1000COS: Board of DirectorsJennifer Brunet-ColveySillery
1145-1315CCOTPCindy York Lauzon
1545-1830TCOS: Canadian Orthoptic SocietyCindy YorkVilleray
1900-2300IOA: International Orthoptic Association Cindy York Lauzon
Lundi, 28 juin
0700-0830COS: Maintenance of CertificationInika Anderson Sillery
Mardi, 29 juin
0800-1330COS: Clinical Practice GuidelinesCynthia LankLauzon
1200-1330COS: Council on Continuing Professional Development Inika AndersonDuchesnay
1200-1500TCOS: Canadian Orthoptic Society Annual General Meeting Cindy York Villeray