Canadian Society of Oculoplastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Periocular Oncology for the General Ophthalmologist

Sunday, June 21
Harbour C, 1030–1200

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • manage malignant and benign eyelid tumors
  • understand the role of radiotherapy in eyelid tumors
  • understand the role of surgical therapy for eyelid tumors

David Payne, MD

Jeff Hurwitz

1030 Introduction
Larry Allen
1035 PEARLS in the clinical diagnosis of periocular tumors
Stephen Gilberg
1043 Discussion
1050 What does a pathologist want in a periocular biopsy?
Godfrey Heathcote
1058 Discussion
1105 Radiotherapy treatment of eyelid tumors
Guest speaker: David Payne
1125 Surgical therapy of eyelid tumors
James Oestreicher
1133 MOH’s therapy of eyelid tumors
Yvonne Molgat
1141 Discussion of eyelid tumor therapy
1200 Closing

Free Papers

Sunday, June 21
Harbour C, 1330–1700

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • discuss new therapy for oculoplastic disorders
  • understand the role of radiotherapy in Graves’ Disease
  • prescribe investigations for oculoplastic disease

Normand Laperriere

Larry Allen

1330 Introduction
Larry Allen
1335 Medial eyelid surgical repair for floppy eyelid syndrome
Tim Sullivan, Alejandra Valenzuela
1342 Treatment of periocular capillary hemangiomas with propranolol
François Codère, Julie Powell, Luis Ospina, Josée Dubois, Afshin Hatami, Catherine McCuail
1349 A case of congenital bilateral dacryoceles
Francois Codère, Jesia Hasan, Laurent Letourneau, Josée Dubois
1356 Discussion
1406 Incidence of nasolasrimal duct dysfunction in tearing referrals to an oculoplastic surgery practice
Norman Mainville, David Jordan
1413 Comparison of dacryoscintigraphy to clinical and intraoperative findings in the diagnosis of nasolacrimal duct obstruction
Jerrod Kent, Larry Allen, Shefalee Shukla, William C. Venzina
1420 Atypical case of orbital inflammation
Jacky Yeung, Vladimir Kratky
1429 Discussion
1436 Primary apocrine adenocarcinoma of the eyelid
C. Archibald, Alejandra Valenzuela, Godfrey Heathcote, J. trites, M. Davis
1443 Discussion
1450 Break
1520 Guest Lecturer: Normand Laperriere
Radiotherapy treatment of Graves’ orbitopathy and orbital tumors
1540 Discussion
1550 Clinical examination, radiologic findings and outcomes of epithelial lacrimal gland tumors
Ezekiel Weis, Jack Rootman, Thomas J. Joly, Kenneth W. Berean, Hind M. Al-Katan, Sylvia Pasternak, Giulio Bonavolonta, Diego Strianese, Peerooz Saeed, Kenneth A. Feldman, Sumalee Vangveeravong, Jocelyn S. Lapointe, Valerie A. White
1557 Orbital exenteration: A 16-year review of 41 cases
Arnold Radu, Paul Denton, Rubens Belfort, Miguel N. Burnier, François Codère, Bryan P. Arthurs
1604 A rare case of primary ductal adenocarcinoma of the lacrimal gland
Catherine Achim, Yvonne Molgat, Michel Beauchemin
1611 Discussion
1618 Pilot study for Image-Guided Medial Orbital Decompression in management of thyroid orbitopathy
Patrick Gooi, Michael Ashenhurst, Karim Punja
1625 Globe subluxation in floppy eyelid syndrome and Graves’ ophthalmopathy
Babak Malecki, Alejandra Valenzuela, Tim Sullivan
1632 Orbital Aspergillosis: what is the role of intraorbital amphotericin injections?
Norman Mainville, David Jordan
1640 Integration of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in an oculoplastic surgery practice
John G. Rose
1647 Discussion
1700 Business meeting

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David Payne, MD
Sunday, 21 June, 1105

Normand Laperriere, MD
Sunday, 21 June, 1520