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Information for presenters

Oral Presenters

Please upload your oral presentation files directly to: You must submit your files no later than June 19. The submission site will close on June 19 at 1600.

If you miss the June 19 deadline, you must submit your presentation at the conference site at least 3 hours prior to your session. Memory sticks will NOT be accepted in the presentation rooms. There will be no exceptions.

Please visit the Speakersí Preview Room, Queens Quay 1, at the Westin Harbour Castle hotel a minimum of three (3) hours before your session begins. Bring a backup copy of your presentation and check in with the Presentation Manager to ensure that your presentation was received and is assigned correctly. Changes may be made at this time. No changes or submissions are allowed once a session has started. Laptops with MS PowerPoint 2007 will be installed in each presentation room. All presentations will be kept confidential and removed immediately from all computers at the conclusion of the meeting.

Speaker Viewing Room: Queens Quay 1

Hours of operation:
0600-1800 / Friday, June 19
0700-1700 / Saturday, June 20 through Tuesday, June 23

5 Points to Successful Presentations

  1. When inserting movies, sounds or images always use the 'Insert' dialogue of PowerPoint, do not use drag & drop as this can create image handling errors. Include the source file(s) of any multimedia content as well as instructions as to where and how it/they should run as we may need to re-link or is some cases reinsert the content.
  2. Digital photos should be at a maximum resolution of 150 dpi to minimize file size. PowerPoint's image rendering engine outputs at 150 dpi, using larger images does not increase resolution, only file size.
  3. Naming of your file(s) is very important; Name your presentation so that it reflects your LASTNAME and PRESENTATION TITLE. Example: "SMITH.TOXICOLOGY.PPT". Naming the file COS2009 or similar derivative makes placing your presentation in the correct session difficult.
  4. Embed all fonts. This is in the Tools>Options>Save menu. Any presentation that utilizes a non system font should include the True Type font file (TTF) for installation on the show computer. Please send only the TTF file, not the whole font directory.
  5. Presentations developed on platforms outside of PowerPoint, such as Flash or Keynote, need to be submitted with an appropriate Windows viewer, or formatted as a self executing show (.exe file). Our Presentation Management System is MS PowerPoint based. Note to PowerPoint for Mac users: check 'append extension' when the option is offered during saving. Please let us know in advance if your content was developed on a MAC.

It is our preference that you use our presentation system but we do offer you the option of using your own laptop. A simple switching system is provided in each room. Please advise us in advance if this is your wish.

Please contact MEDIACO directly for assistance: Lou Dechant, Tel: (888) 440-4477 ext. 2

Your Privacy & Confidentiality will be preserved. Only COS and MEDIACO staff are able to view these files. All uploaded files are removed from the upload site once added to our database. All presentations will be permanently deleted from the onsite computers at the conclusion of your session.

During your presentation
A speaker timer system will be used. Please pay attention to the lights - Red means STOP. We need to keep the presentations on time. Most talks are 7 minutes only (unless otherwise noted in your correspondence with the session chair).

Poster Presenters

Poster presentations have been scheduled for specific days, according to topic.

  • Sunday June 21
    Low Vision Rehabilitation
    Cornea, External Disease and Refractive Surgery
    Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    International and Public Health Ophthalmology
  • Monday June 22
  • Tuesday June 23
    Cataract Surgery
    Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Set-up: 0700-0800
Take-down: 1700-1800

The principle author is required to present the poster between 0930-1030 (morning break) and 1500-1530 (afternoon break). Poster judging will take place during the morning break. We would encourage you to be present during the lunch hour, as many delegates will view your poster at this time.

Size: Total usable space per poster board is 91" wide by 45" high.

Best Poster Award: All posters are automatically eligible for this award of $500. Authors must be present at their posters when requested.

The COS discourages commercialization of your scientific presentation with identification of specific products or companies. Please disclose any financial interests on the bottom of your poster.

Upload oral presentations by 19 June
User name: presenter
Password: cos2009