Canadian Glaucoma Society

Monday, June 22
Frontenac, 0800-0930

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • recognize the associations of exfoliation syndrome
  • develop an algorithm for the position of trabeculoplasty in glaucoma management
  • define the role of guidelines in clinical practice
  • understand surgeon qualifications for glaucoma drainage device surgery

Robert Ritch, MD

Yvonne Buys, Neeru Gupta

0800 Ocular and systemic associations of exfoliation syndrome
Robert Ritch
0825 Laser trabeculoplasty as initial glaucoma therapy
PRO - Paul Harasymowycz
CON - Karim Damji
0845Glaucoma guidelines are useful
PRO - Paul Rafuse
CON - James Taylor
0905Glaucoma drainage device surgery should be performed only by glaucoma specialists
PRO - Robert Schertzer
CON - Robert Campbell
0919 Discussion

Monday, June 22
Harbour C, 0930–1200

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • understand diurnal impact in normal tension glaucoma
  • look forward to future glaucoma treatment
  • develop a therapeutic paradigm for exfoliation syndrome

Robert Ritch, MD / Rohit Varma, MD, MPH

Yvonne Buys, Neeru Gupta

0930 Annual Canadian Glaucoma Society Business Meeting
Yvonne M. Buys
1035 Normal tension glaucoma – a nocturnal disease
Robert Ritch
1055 Discussion
1105 A look into the future of glaucoma management
Rohit Varma
1125 Discussion
1135 Directed therapy for exfoliation syndrome
Robert Ritch
1155 Discussion

Glaucoma Free Papers

Monday, June 22
Harbour C, 1330–1500

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • share scientific findings related to glaucoma

Yvonne Buys, Neeru Gupta

1330 Does an association exist between pseudoexfoliation syndrome and chronic kidney disease?
Peter A Zakrzewski, Paul J Mackenzie, Gina Tsai, Simon J Warner, Adeera Levin, Frederick S Mikelberg
1337 Discussion
1339 Mapping and tracer studies of a novel uveolymphatic outflow pathway
Neeru Gupta, Miles Johnston, Tina Ly, Manoj Patel, Brian Drake, Ersin Gumus, Stephan Fraenkl, Sarah Moore, Dalia Tobbia, Dianne Armstrong, Yeni H. Yücel
1346 Discussion
1348 Effect of sleeping position on IOP in progressive glaucoma
Tariq A. Alasbali, Michael Smith, Pieter Gouws, Noa Geffen, Yaping Jin, Yvonne M. Buys, John Flanagan, Collins Shapiro, Graham E. Trope
1355 Discussion
1357 Plateau iris: Gonioscopic and UBM findings associated with a positive dark room provocative test after iridotomy
Anik Desgroseilliers, Paul J. Harasymowycz, Alvine Kamdeu Fansi, Denis Tardif, Mark R. Lesk
1404 Discussion
1407 A new method of estimating scleral rigidity in vivo and its clinical correlation in open-angle glaucoma
Jing Wang, Denise Descovich, Alvine Kamdeu Fansi, Paul Harasymowycz, Gisèle Li, Mark R. Lesk
1414 Discussion
1416 Efficacy of SLO-microperimetry and Humphrey field analyzer in evaluating changes in macular sensitivity in advanced glaucoma Sadhana V. Kulkarni, Stuart G. Coupland, Karim F. Damji, Jonathan Brownstein
1423 Discussion
1425 Visual symptoms following Nd:YAG laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) in relation to position of LPI Abdulla Naqi, Ike K. Ahmed
1432 Discussion
1434 Spectral domain optical coherence tomography measurements of laminar and prelaminar tissue movement after intraocular pressure elevation Younes Agoumi, Glen P. Sharpe, Paul H. Artes, Marcelo T. Nicolela, Balwantray C. Chauhan
1441 Discussion
1443 Effect of physician fees on glaucoma procedure rates in Canada Robert J. Campbell, Peter C. Austin, Yvonne M. Buys
1450 Discussion
1452 2009 Stephen Drance Award of Excellence in Glaucoma Research

Monday, June 22
Harbour C, 1530–1700

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • understand the effect of functional loss in glaucoma on quality of life
  • introduce the new Canadian glaucoma guidelines

Rohit Varma, MD, MPH

Yvonne Buys, Neeru Gupta

1530 The impact of glaucomatous visual field loss on the quality of life
Rohit Varma
1550 Discussion
1555 Canadian glaucoma guidelines – background and rationale
Paul Rafuse
1605 Diagnosis of POAG
Yvonne Buys
1612 Role of diagnostic tests
Marcelo Nicolela
1619 Open-angle glaucomas
Caroline Lajoie
1626 Angle-closure glaucoma
Fred Mikelberg
1633Treatment – goals
Karim Damji
1640Therapeutic choices
David Tingey
Paul Murphy
1654 Screening
Paul Harasymowycz

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Guest speaker
Robert Ritch, MD
Monday, June 22, 0800

Guest speaker
Rohit Varma, MD