Practical Low Vision Rehabilitation

Practice templates, set-up dilemmas, resources and clinical examples

Saturday, June 20
Harbour C, 13001600

Low Vision Rehabilitation is the continuation of care after all other therapy means are exhausted. It is the standard of practice as decreed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and recognized in Canada under most provincial health care plans. The workshop will detail practice templates which can be adopted by all ophthalmologists in their practice at individual desired levels of involvement and will address common set-up and running practice dilemmas. Participants are encouraged to bring PowerPoint slides and present low vision cases from their own practice for discussion in an open forum, as well as meet and share in the experience of colleagues practicing Low Vision Rehabilitation.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • perform a low vision rehabilitation assessment on all low vision patients
  • prescribe devices and vision therapy sessions as needed
  • set up and integrate the practice of Low Vision Rehabilitation in a general ophthalmology practice

Samuel N. Markowitz

Linda Petty, OT / Lois Calder, OD / Michelle Markowitz, OT

1310Public funding of Low Vision Rehabilitation in Ontario
Samuel N. Markowitz
1325A modular practice template for Low Vision Rehabilitation
Samuel N. Markowitz
1340Assessment of patients with low vision
Samuel N. Markowitz
1430Effective low-tech interventions in Low Vision Rehabilitation
Lois Calder
1445Advanced Low Vision Rehabilitation interventions
Samuel N. Markowitz
1500Current high tech options in Low Vision Rehabilitation
Linda Petty
1515Vision therapy training in Low Vision Rehabilitation
Michelle Markowitz
1530Open forum discussion of low vision cases

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