Controversies in Glaucoma

Science advancing quality of life

Monday, June 22
Frontenac, 08000930

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • recognize the associations of exfoliation syndrome
  • develop an algorithm for the position of trabeculoplasty in glaucoma management
  • define the role of guidelines in clinical practice
  • understand surgeon qualifications for glaucoma drainage device surgery

Robert Ritch

Yvonne Buys, MD / Neeru Gupta, MD

0800Ocular and systemic associations of exfoliation syndrome
Robert Ritch
0825Laser trabeculoplasty as initial glaucoma therapy (7 minutes each)
PRO Paul Harasymowycz
CON Karim Damji
0839Discussion (3 minute rebuttal each)
0845Glaucoma guidelines are useful
PRO Paul Rafuse
CON James Taylor
0859Discussion (3 minute rebuttal each)
0905Glaucoma drainage device surgery should be performed only by glaucoma specialists
PRO Robert Schertzer
CON Robert Campbell
0919Discussion (3 minute rebuttal each)

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Robert Ritch, MD
Monday, June 22, 0800