International Ophthalmology

Manual sutureless cataract surgery - a practical short course for phaco surgeons

Sunday, June 21
Pier 5, 1330–1500

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • describe the required instrumentation, set-up and component steps of successful manual small incision cataract surgery
  • discuss appropriate case selection for manual small incision cataract surgery, and how to prevent and successfully manage common complications
  • understand the advantages of manual small incision cataract surgery for preventing cataract blindness in the developing world and be aware of opportunities for Canadian ophthalmologists to learn, teach and promote the technique

Rengaraj Venkatesh, MBBS, DO

Ralf Buhrmann, Martin Spencer

1330Hope for eliminating cataract blindness – is manual sutureless cataract surgery the answer?
Ralf Buhrmann
1334Delivering sustainable high volume high quality cataract surgery – the Aravind story
Rengaraj Venkatesh
1339The fine art of manual sutureless cataract surgery
Rengaraj Venkatesh
1359Pearls and pitfalls in managing difficult cases and common complications of manual sutureless cataract surgery
Rengaraj Venkatesh
1419Teaching and transitioning to manual sutureless cataract surgery
Martin Spencer
1428Learning and integrating manual sutureless cataract surgery into practice - a phaco surgeon’s journey
S Gupta
1437Panel discussion

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Rengaraj Venkatesh, MBBS, DO
Dimanche 21 juin, 1330