Canadian Cornea Consortium: Collagen cross-linking workshop

Saturday, June 20
Pier 4, 1500–1730

At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • articulate the history, basic research and clinical applications of corneal cross-linking with Riboflavin and UVA
  • identify appropriate riboflavin formulations, surgical technique, consents and management of patients with ectatic corneal conditions
  • discuss the appropriate use of the UVA light source and experience the effects of cross-linking in a wet lab setting

Guillermo Rocha

Réjean Munger, PhD / Martin McCarthy, MD David Rootman, MD

Guillermo Rocha
1505 Basics of CXL
Rejean Munger
1520 Discussion
1525 Pre-op: Indications, contraindications, testing
Martin McCarthy
1540 Discussion
1545 Equipment requirements
Guillermo Rocha
1600 Discussion
1605 Procedure technique and post-operative care
David Rootman
1620 Discussion
1625 Clinical results and Canadian experience
Ray Stein
1640 Panel discussion: What to expect?
All presenters
1700 Wet lab experience
Raymond Stein

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