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Program outline

Final program with full details (PDF)

Thursday, February 26
Industry advisory boards
1620-1730Scientific session 1
 CRS Mystery retina cases
1625Mystery Case 1: David Lederer
1635Mystery Case 2: Joseph Nyamori
1645Mystery Case 3: Peter Stalmans
1655Mystery Case 4: William H. Ross
1705Mystery Case 5: Markus Groppe
1715Mystery Case 6: John Chen
1730-1900CRS business meeting
1900-2030Welcome reception
Friday, February 27
0630-0900Scientific session 2
0635Vitreoretinal lymphoma - Dean Eliott
0705Diabetic retinopathy: current and investigational therapies - Allen Ho
0740Mystery and Anti-VEGF switch cases
0740Mystery Case 7: David Chow
0750Anti-VEGF switch Case 1: Keyvan Koushan (1)
0800Anti-VEGF switch Case 2: Geoff Williams (1)
0810Anti-VEGF switch Case 3: Geoff Williams (2)
0820Anti-VEGF switch Case 4: Keyvan Koushan (2)
0830Mystery Case 8: John Galic
0840Mystery Case 9: Sohel Somani
0910-1010Co-developed accredited symposium 1: Multidisciplinary care of diabetic macular edema (Bayer sponsored; this symposium was co-developed with Bayer and was planned to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity and balance)
Multidisciplinary care of diabetic macular edema - David Maberley, Alice Y.Y. Cheng, and Peter J. Lin
1530-1600Refreshment break
1600-1830Scientific session 3
1605Ocular management of trauma - Dean Eliott
1635Medical management of PVR - Dean Eliott
1705An individualized approach to post-traumatic exploratory vitrectomy in children and young adults - Theodor Stappler
1835Molecular design for novel ocular tamponades - Theodor Stappler
1800Panel discussion: Management of complex retinal detachment
Saturday, February 28
0630-0900Scientific session 4
0635Cell therapy for age-related macular degeneration - Allen Ho
0710The ArgusĀ® II Retinal Prosthesis for severe retinitis pigmentosa - Allen Ho
0745Subretinal implants: surgical challenges and visual outcomes - Florian Gekeler
0820Surgical and pharmacological effects on the vitreoretinal interface - Theodor Stappler
0910-1010Co-developed accredited symposium 2: Management of macular holes 2015 (Alcon sponsored; this symposium was co-developed with Alcon and was planned to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity and balance)
Management of macular holes 2015 - Allen Ho, Netan Choudry, David Chow, Michael Kapusta
1530-1600Refreshment break
1600-1830Scientific session 5
1605Dr. Mila Oh Memorial Lecture: One Retinoblastoma World: a consortium for optimized care everywhere - Brenda L. Gallie
1655The desperate need for evidence in quality care for retinoblastoma - Brenda L. Gallie
1730Why is there cataract after vitrectomy? - Florian Gekeler
1800High-altitude ophthalmology - Florian Gekeler
1900-2000Ice Bar
Sunday, March 1
0700-1000Scientific session 6
0710Expanding the dialogue - Canadian Preferences and Trends (CAN-PAT) Survey results
0810CRS Interesting surgical and mystery cases
0810Surgical Case 1: Amin Kherani
0820Surgical Case 2: Markus Groppe
0830Surgical Case 3: Mohamed Haji
0840Surgical Case 4: Nigel Rawlings
0850Surgical Case 5: Mark Greve
0900Surgical Case 6: Deepa Yoganathan
0910Surgical Case 7: Claudine Pang/David Maberley
0920Surgical Case 8: Aaron Lee/David Maberley
0930Surgical Case 9: TBD
0940Mystery Case 10: Alex Ragan
0950Mystery Case 11: Raul Garcia