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September 13-15, 2018
September 12-14, 2019
September 10-12, 2020

Sally Letson Symposium scientific sessions


Thursday September 14 | Friday September 15 | Saturday September 16

Thursday September 14
0750Welcome · Brian Leonard & Julia Haller
0800Traumatic optic neuropathy and retinopathy: Update on work-up, imaging, and management · Robert Sergott
0820Trauma 101: The on-call eye surgeon and the injured eye: Primary evaluation and management · Justis Ehlers
0840The gamut of closed globe injuries: From commotion to shaken baby syndrome · Michael Dollin
0855Traumatic brain injury and the eye: Pearls on concussion evaluation and management · Robert Sergott
0925Trauma surgery: The ABCs of globe exploration and repair · Michael Dollin
0935Q&A · Julia Haller
1000The specter of infection: Endophthalmitis prophylaxis and management in trauma · Maria Berrocal
1025The U.S. military approach to ocular trauma training: Building and maintaining skill in the era of minimally invasive ophthalmic surgery · Marcus Colyer
1050Traumatic avulsion of the optic nerve - Recognition and evaluation · Kirk Packo
1105Bryan St. L. Liddy Lecture: View from the retina: Useful techniques for managing trauma-related anterior segment complications · Maria Berrocal
1135Discussion panel with Maria Berrocal, Kirk Packo, and Marcus Colyer
Moderated by Julia Haller
1300Military ocular trauma: The U.S. experience in recent global conflict · Marcus Colyer
1330Flaps and traps: Pitfalls in the care of the traumatized eye after refractive surgery · Kashif Baig
1400Ocular self-abusive behavior: Managing traumatic retinal detachments in patients with intellectual disability · Kirk Packo
1420Q&A · Julia Haller
1500A. Gardner Watson Lecture: Fixing the unfixable - New frontiers in treatment for the traumatized eye · Julia Haller
1530Enhanced visualization to maximize repair of the traumatized eye: Intraop OCT and 3-D surgery · Justis Ehlers
1600Medico-legal issues in ocular trauma · Christopher Canny
1640Putting it together: Trauma cases and discussion with audience participation · Justis Ehlers, Maria Berrocal, Kirk Packo, Marcus Colyer, and Iyad Habil
Moderated by Michael Dollin

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Friday September 15

0750Welcome · Brian Leonard
0800The state of ocular trauma in 2017: Classification, epidemiology, and prognostic factors · Rupesh Agrawal
0830Surgical pearls for managing the traumatic cataract · Ike Ahmed
0850Dos and don’ts in ocular trauma · Rupesh Agrawal
0910Tips and tricks with secondary IOLs after trauma · Kashif Baig
0930Repair of the traumatized iris and pupil · Ike Ahmed
0950The role of the artificial iris · Kashif Baig
1010Panel discussion: Challenging anterior segment trauma cases · Ike Ahmed, Rupesh Agrawal, and Kashif Baig
Moderated by Kashif Baig
1055The Brunt of trauma: Corneal abrasions, edema, foreign bodies, etc. · Iyad Habil
1115Hyphema management in 2017: Controversies and consensus · Rupesh Agrawal
1135The challenges of chemical burns · Harminder Dua
1155Ocular trauma experience in a Middle Eastern conflict zone · Iyad Habil
1315Traumatic corneal wound management · Harminder Dua
1335My angle on traumatic glaucoma · Ike Ahmed
1355Ocular surface reconstruction · Harminder Dua
1415Anti-VEGF to reduce the incidence of PVR from traumatic and non-traumatic rhegmatogenous retinal detachment · Michael Ip
1500Sally Letson Lecture: Sports eye injuries - Managing the amateur and professional athlete with eye trauma · Kirk Packo
1530Future directions in ocular imaging: trauma and beyond · Michael Ip
1600Panel discussion: Dilemmas in trauma management · Ike Ahmed, Harminder Dua, Rupesh Agrawal, Kashif Baig, Michael Ip, and Kirk Packo
Moderator: Kashif Baig
1630Welcome Reception (Governor General Ballroom - Westin Hotel)
All conference attendees are invited

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Saturday September 16

0750Welcome · Brian Leonard
0800Lid lacerations I - Palpebral pearls · David Jordan
0815Lid Lacerations II - Repair techniques for the comprehensive ophthalmologist: keep it simple · Jeff Nerad
0835You're on call and a canalicular laceration walks in · David Jordan
0855Orbital fractures - Current approaches to evaluation and management · Jeff Nerad
0925Beware of the white eyed blow-out: Orbital fractures in children · David Jordan
0945Q&A · David Jordan
1005Retrobulbar hemorrhage due to trauma: Urgency and decisions · Steven Gilberg
1020The severely damaged open globe - Options and controversies · David Jordan
1035Management of traumatic 7th nerve injuries · Steven Gilberg
1050Oculoplastics case discussions - Interesting trauma cases for the comprehensive surgeon · Jeff Nerad and Steven Gilberg
Moderated by David Jordan
1120Q&A · David Jordan
1125Closing remarks · Brian Leonard

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