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September 14-16, 2017
September 13-15, 2018
September 12-14, 2019

Sally Letson Symposium scientific sessions


Thursday September 15 | Friday September 16 | Saturday September 17

Thursday September 15
"The Fundamentals" · Moderator: Chloe Gottlieb
0800Epidemiology and burden of disease · Elisabetta Miserocchi
0815A structured approach to uveitis · Douglas Jabs
0830Testing principles · Marie-Josée Aubin
0845Interactive Q&A session
0900Treatment principles · Emmett Cunningham
0915Approach to multimodal imaging - "The menu" · Chloe Gottlieb
0930Interactive Q&A session
0945Refreshment break

Multimodal imaging · Moderator: Emmett Cunningham
1015Traditional SD-OCT imaging in uveitis (vitreous, retina, and choroid) · Chloe Gottlieb
1030Specialized SD-OCT in uveitis - en face and OCT-A (retina and choroid) · David Sarraf
1045Traditional angiographic imaging in uveitis (FA/ICGA) · Phil Hooper
1100Wide-field color, angiographic and autofluorescence imaging · David Sarraf
1115Anterior segment OCT in ocular inflammatory disease · Mirjam van Velthoven
1130Interactive Q&A session
1150Multimodal imaging case discussions · Moderated by Emmett Cunningham
3 × 4-minute cases with panel discussion

Uveitis masquerades not to miss · Moderator: Eric Fortin
1300Non-malignant masquerades in uveitis · Eric Fortin
1315Malignant masquerades in uveitis · Emmett Cunningham
1330Paraneoplastic retinopathies · David Sarraf
1345Interactive Q&A session
1400The Bryan St. L. Liddy Lecture · Introduced by Emmett Cunningham
Approach to the patient with retinitis · Debra Goldstein
1430Refreshment break

Anterior uveitis · Moderator: Debra Goldstein
1450Common causes - diagnostic approach · Mirjam van Velthoven
1505Pediatric anterior uveitis - JIA, TINU, and others · Nasrin Tehrani
1520Infectious anterior uveitis · Elisabetta Miserocchi
1535Post-operative uveitis · Eric Fortin
1550Interactive Q&A session
1610Anterior uveitis case discussions · Moderated by Debra Goldstein
3 × 4-minute cases with panel discussion

Testing in uveitis · Moderator: Thuy Doan
1630Traditional laboratory testing in uveitis · Phil Hooper
1645PCR and antibody-based testing · Thuy Doan
1700Interactive Q&A session
1715Conference ends for the day

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Friday September 16

Posterior uveitis · Moderator: Phoebe Lin
0800Toxoplasmosis 2016 · Chloe Gottlieb
0815Syphilis 2016 · Marie-Josée Aubin
0830Tuberculosis 2016 · Ramana Moorthy
0845Interactive Q&A session
0900Posterior placoid disorders · Amin Kherani
0915Retinal vasculitis - clinical and multimodal imaging patterns · Phoebe Lin
0930Cystoid macular edema - evaluation and treatment · Mirjam van Velthoven
1000Interactive Q&A session
1015Refreshment break

Intermediate uveitis · Moderator: Ramana Moorthy
1040Definition and approach to diagnosis · Chloe Gottlieb
1055Multiple sclerosis · Phil Hooper
1110Sarcoidosis · Ramana Moorthy
1125Intermediate uveitis in children · Nasrin Tehrani
1140Interactive Q&A session
1155Intermediate & posterior uveitis case discussions · Moderated by Ramana Moorthy
3 × 4-minute cases with panel discussion

Surgical uveitis · Moderator: Ike Ahmed
1300Cataract surgery in uveitis · Debra Goldstein
1315Glaucoma surgery in uveitis · Ike Ahmed
1330Posterior segment surgery in uveitis · Amin Kherani
1345Diagnostic biopsies in uveitis - when and how · Phoebe Lin
1400Interactive Q&A session
1420Surgical case discussions · Moderated by Ike Ahmed
3 × 4-minute cases with panel discussion
1440Refreshment break

Emerging entities in uveitis · Moderator: Mirjam van Velthoven
1510The Sally Letson Lecture · Introduced by Brian Leonard
Mosquito borne uveitis · Emmett Cunningham
1540Evolution of the AIDS epidemic & the changing spectrum of eye disease · Douglas Jabs
1555Drug-induced uveitis · Ramana Moorthy
1610Expanding spectrum of herpetic uveitis · Mirjam van Velthoven
1625Identifying novel pathogens in uveitis · Thuy Doan
1640Interactive Q&A session
1655Infectious uveitis case discussions · Moderated by Mirjam van Velthoven
3 × 4-minute cases with panel discussion
1715Conference ends for the day
1730Welcome Reception (Governor General Room - Westin Hotel)
All conference attendees are invited

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Saturday September 17

0750Welcome · Chloe Gottlieb
Local therapeutics in uveitis · Moderator: Marie-Josée Aubin
0800Topical Corticosteroids in Uveitis - What's new? · Eric Fortin
0815Corticosteroid injections in Uveitis · Marie-Josée Aubin
0830Local IOP treatments in uveitis - Drops and Laser · Ike Ahmed
0845Anti-VEGF Agents in uveitis · Phoebe Lin
0900Interactive Q&A session

Systemic therapeutics in uveitis · Moderator: Amin Kherani
0920Non-biologic immunosuppressive agents in uveitis · Emmett Cunningham
0935TNF inhibitors in uveitis · Elisabetta Miserocchi
0950Systemic treatment considerations in children · Nasrin Tehrani
1005Interactive Q&A session
1025Refreshment break

Emerging therapeutics in uveitis · Moderator: Chloe Gottlieb
1045The A. Gardner Watson Lecture · Introduced by Chloe Gottlieb
Designing and interpreting clinical studies in uveitis - translated from trials to treatments · Douglas Jabs
1115Emerging local therapies in uveitis - intraocular sirolimus (ospiria), suprachoroidal corticosteroids, dexamethasone implant, fluocinolone implant, etc. · Debra Goldstein
1130Rituximab and other novel biologics in uveitis · Elisabetta Miserocchi
1145Modifying the microbiome to treat uveitis · Phoebe Lin
1200Interactive Q&A session
1220Closing comments and thank you
1230End of Sally Letson Symposium

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