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September 15-17, 2016
September 14-16, 2017

Sally Letson Symposium scientific sessions

Provinces/Confederation I Room

Thursday September 17

Retina - Existing and new treatment options · Moderator: William F. Mieler
7:50Welcome and introduction · Brian C. Leonard (Symposium organizer) and William F. Mieler (Chair)
8:00Overview of the current treatment of AMD · William F. Mieler
8:20Stem cell implant for AMD · Mark Humayun
8:40New advances in drug delivery to the posterior segment · Jennifer J. Kang-Mieler
9:00Micro drug pump for ophthalmology · Mark Humayun
9:20Genotype/phenotype correlations of hereditary retinal degeneration · David Sarraf
9:40Artificial vision - the Argus retinal prosthesis · Mark Humayun
10:00Refreshment break

Diabetes mellitus · Moderator: Jay S. Duker
10:30Overview of current treatment of DME · David Sarraf
10:50Vascular permeability and retinal blood flow as biomarkers of diabetic retinopathy · Jennifer J. Kang-Mieler
11:10Ancillary testing in diabetes · Jay S. Duker
11:30Case discussions (AMD and DME) 30 minutes

Innovations in imaging · Moderator: David Sarraf
1:00What's new in SD-OCT imaging in 2015 and beyond · Jay S. Duker
1:20The utility of wide-angle retinal imaging · William F. Mieler
1:40The utility of fundus autofluorescence and multi-modal imaging · David Sarraf
2:00OCT angiography - the next big thing? · Jay S. Duker
2:20The role of imaging in the management of central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR) · Michael Dollin
2:40Should we treat pre-perimetric glaucoma diagnosed by glaucoma imaging? · Kuldev Singh
3:00What's new in neuro-imaging and SD-OCT for neuro-ophthalmology? · Andrew Lee
3:20Refreshment break

Inflammation, infection, and intraocular tumours · Moderator: Michael Dollin
3:50Update on infectious non-viral retinitis · Steven Yeh
4:10Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of vitreoretinal lymphoma · J. William Harbour
4:30Update on therapies for viral retinitis (including Ebola) · Steven Yeh
4:50Bryan St. L Liddy Lecture: Precision molecular medicine in the management of uveal melanoma · J. William Harbour
5:10Case discussions (retina faculty - imaging, intraocular tumours, and uveitis - 35 minutes)
5:45End of conference for the day

Friday September 18

Glaucoma and pediatric ophthalmology · Moderator: Garfield Miller
7:50Welcome and introduction · Brian C. Leonard (Symposium organizer)and William F. Mieler (Chair)
8:00Randomized glaucoma trials: Part I (What we have learned and have not learned) · Kuldev Singh
8:20Update from PEDIG and the Amblyopia Treatment Study (ATS) · R. Michael Siatkowski
8:40Randomized glaucoma trials: Part II · Kuldev Singh
9:00New concepts in strabismus etiology · R. Michael Siatkowski
9:20Recent advances in the management of retinoblastoma · J. William Harbour
9:40Telemedicine in retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) · R. Michael Siatkowski
10:00Refreshment break

Cataract in conjunction with existing diseases · Moderator: Steven Yeh
10:30Beyond phaco: ECP and GSL in the surgical management of angle closure · Garfield Miller
10:50Should modern cataract surgery be considered a glaucoma operation? · Kuldev Singh
11:10Perioperative management of cataract surgery in uveitis patients · Steven Yeh
11:30Does cataract surgery truly exacerbate AMD and/or DME? · William F. Mieler
11:40Case discussions (glaucoma, pediatrics, complicated cataract - 30 minutes)

Orbit, oculoplastics, and neuro-ophthalmology · Moderator: Michael Tze-Chien Yen
1:00Five easy mistakes to avoid in your next neuro-ophthalmic patients · Andrew Lee
1:20Blepharospasm: beyond neurotoxins · Michael Tze-Chien Yen
1:40Five easy visual field rules: how to not miss the brain tumour · Andrew Lee
2:00Advances in managing vascular malformations of the orbit · Michael Tze-Chien Yen
2:20Functional visual loss · R. Michael Siatkowski
2:40Seven easy steps in evaluating unexplained visual loss · Andrew Lee
3:00Refreshment break

Orbit, oculoplastics, and neuro-ophthalmology · Moderator: Andrew Lee
3:30Managing orbital cellulitis in the age of MRSA · Michael Tze-Chien Yen
3:50Five medications that can blind your patients · Andrew Lee
4:10Spectrum of retinal toxicity from systemic medications · William F. Mieler
4:30Neuro-ophthalmology misadventures - Oops… Now what? · Andrew Lee
4:50Case discussions (oculoplastics and neuro-ophthalmology)
5:30Welcome Reception
All conference attendees are invited

Saturday September 19

Cornea, cataract, and refractive surgery · Moderator: Kashif Baig
7:50Welcome and introduction · Brian C. Leonard (Symposium organizer)and William F. Mieler (Chair)
8:00Anterior segment OCT for the corneal and refractive surgeon · Sonia Yoo
8:20The Sally Letson Lecture
The challenge of phaco/IOL fixation with zonulopathy (30 minutes) · David Chang
8:50Femtosecond corneal surgery and how to avoid problems · Sonia Yoo
9:10Pearls for the rock hard nucleus · David Chang
9:30The A. Gardner Watson Lecture
Managing posterior segment complications of anterior segment surgery · William F. Mieler
9:50Adjunct intraoperative technologies for astigmatism management · David Chang
10:10Refreshment break

Cornea, cataract, and refractive surgery · Moderator: Kashif Baig
10:30The expanding toolbox in cornea and IOL surgery · Kashif Baig
10:50The future of cararact surgery in 2 to 4 years · David Chang
11:10Dysphotopsia - etiology and treatment · Sonia Yoo
11:30Challenging refractive cases (30 minutes) · Sonia Yoo
12:00Video cataract case presentations and discussion (40 minutes) · David Chang
12:40Closing comments · Brian C. Leonard (Symposium organizer)and William F. Mieler (Chair)
12:45 End of Sally Letson Symposium