Program at a Glance

Wednesday, June 4

Time200 CD200 E303301202Dalhousie Skills Transfer Centre
0800-1700Committee meetings
(various locations)
PathologyJASE (strabismus)TCOS workshop
1800-1930WELCOME RECEPTION (Alexander Keith's Brewery)

Thursday, June 5

Time200 CD200 E303301202Dalhousie Skills Transfer Centre
0630-0800 Co-developed symposium    
0700-0800Women in Ophthalmology symposium (Summit Suite, 8th floor)
0800-1000COS-1 Current concepts I   CSORN 
1045-1215COS-2 Clinical update: glaucomaWorkshop : corneal imagingOculoplasticsPediatrics CSORN 
Annual General (Business) Meeting
1330-1500COS-3 CataractUveitisOculoplasticsPediatricsCSORNSkills transfer course: glaucoma
1545-1715COS-4 Surgical teaching seriesSymposium: uveitisOculoplasticsPediatricsCSORNSkills transfer course: glaucoma
1715-1815Practising Young Ophthalmologists Reception (Summit Suite, 8th floor)

Friday, June 6

Time200 CD200 E303301202Dalhousie Skills Transfer Centre
0600-0800FUN RUN
0800-1000COS-5 Current concepts II   CSOMP 
1045-1215COS-6 Clinical update: pediatricsRetinaInternational/public healthSymposium: cataract surgery OVDsCSOMP 
1330-1500COS-7 Clinical update: retina Neuro-ophthalmologySymposium: refractive cornea surgeryCSOMPSkills transfer course: cataract
1545-1715COS-8 Refractive cornea surgeryVision rehabilitationNeuro-ophthalmologyGlaucoma workshop: optic nerve imagingCSOMPSkills transfer course: cataract
1900-2300COS CELEBRATION (Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21)

Saturday, June 7

Time200 CD200 E303301202Dalhousie Skills Transfer Centre
0800-1000COS-9 Current concepts III   TCOSSkills transfer course: oculoplastics
1045-1215COS-10 Controversies in cornea RetinaGlaucomaTCOSSkills transfer course: oculoplastics
1215-1330Residents' lunch symposium (Summit Suite, 8th floor)
1330-1500COS-11 CataractCorneaRetinaGlaucomaTCOSSkills transfer course for family and emergency physicians (Eye Care Centre, Halifax)
1545-1715COS-12 Challenging cataract casesCornea GlaucomaTCOS