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National Coalition for Vision Health: Environmental Scan (2009)

This report is an environmental scan of vision health across Canada.  The National Coalition for Vision Health (NCVH), a not-for-profit organization of associations that share a common interest in eye care and vision research, undertook this project with Health Canada funding in September 2008.

The purpose of the Coalition’s scan was to collect, analyse, organize, and report on how each province and territory deal with vision care and vision loss.

The Cost of Vision Loss: Summary Report (CNIB & COS, 2009)

In 2008, CNIB and the Canadian Ophthalmological Society commissioned Access Economics Pty Limited, a world-leading independent economic consulting firm, to conduct a comprehensive study on the cost of vision loss in Canada and its impact on governments, employers, and all Canadians.

Vision Loss in Canada (2011)

The National Coalition for Vision Health undertook a research project in 2009 to assess the state of vision health in Canada. The results were shocking. This document distills the findings from the literature review and interviews with over 100 clinicians, researchers, front-line workers, administrators and policy-makers. The message is clear: coordinated action is needed to stem the tide of vision loss before the onslaught of aging baby boomers begin to lose their sight.

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