Skills Transfer Courses and Workshops

Skills transfer courses are intended to provide intensive instruction leading to new knowledge and/or skills. These courses may be either hands-on wet labs, or interactive case-based sessions that offer instruction, demonstration and/or discussion of surgical, diagnostic and management techniques, with supervision from an experienced facilitator and a low participant-to-instructor ratio.

You must register in advance for the skills transfer courses and workshops. Registration is limited and on-site registration is not permitted. Non-refundable fees apply.

Women in Ophthalmology Symposium

Living by determination and never giving up

Thursday, June 5, 0700-0800
Summit Suite, 8th floor

Speaker: Elise Héon, MD

Canadian WIO invites women ophthalmologists, residents and fellows to attend this breakfast symposium. The goal is to promote mentorship and camaraderie amongst women in ophthalmology, and provide opportunities for discussion about work-life issues unique to women in the medical field. A hot breakfast will be served. Advance registration required.

Registration is limited to: Female ophthalmologists and residents
Maximum no. participants: 100
Fee: $25


Skills Transfer Course: Glaucoma

Novel techniques and devices

Thursday June 5, 1330-1500
Thursday June 5, 1545-1715
Dalhousie Skills Centre for Health Sciences

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe different approaches to ab interno and ab externo glaucoma surgery
  • Perform a type of ab interno and ab externo surgery
  • List the necessary equipment for ab interno and ab externo glaucoma surgery

This course has both didactic and hands-on components. The lab will focus on ab interno and ab externo surgery. Registration is limited to practicing ophthalmologists, senior residents and fellows. Advance registration is required.

Course director
Hady Saheb, MD, MPH

I. Ahmed MD, M. Carbonneau MD, M. Dorey MD, P. Gooi MD, G. Miller MD, N. Shoham-Hazon MD, A.S.C. Crichton MD, T. Chan MD

Registration is limited to: Glaucoma specialists, comprehensive ophthalmologists, fellows, senior residents (PGY 4-5)
Maximum no. participants: 15
Fee: $149

Skills Transfer Course: Cataract

Phaco instrumentation and equipment

Friday June 6, 1330-1500
Friday June 6, 1530-1715
Dalhousie Skills Centre for Health Sciences

Attendees will use new cataract instrumentation and phaco platforms to learn advanced techniques in phacoemulsification. Micro-incision surgical techniques will be taught.


  • Develop skills in cataract extraction using new phaco equipment and technology
  • Improve understanding of phaco machine power delivery
  • Improve understanding of phaco fluidics

Registration is limited to: Practising ophthalmologists
Maximum no. participants: 24
Fee: $149

Skills Transfer Course: Oculoplastics

Oculoplastics for the comprehensive ophthalmologist

Saturday June 7
Saturday June 7, 1045-1215
Dalhousie Skills Centre for Health Sciences

This course is designed for comprehensive ophthalmologists who want to review common surgical techniques in oculoplastics such as the lateral tarsal strip procedure for ectropion/entropion repair, wedge resection for excisional biopsy and lid reconstruction, punctoplasty and canalicular repair. Surgical grade cadavers will be used to review lid and lacrimal anatomy and to review basic principles for each technique. Attendees will have the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience to practice these techniques with oculoplastics instructors.

Registration is limited to: Comprehensive ophthalmologists
Maximum no. participants: 20
Fee: $149


Family & Emergency Physician Symposium

A skills-transfer and ophthalmology update for family and ER physicians

Saturday, June 7
Eye Care Centre, Halifax

This session will provide an update in ophthalmology skills and knowledge base through a combination of hands-on and didactic learning.

Maximum no. participants: 30
Fee: $149


TCOS Workshop

Current concepts in clinical orthoptics

Strabismus, ocular motility and visual disorders
Wednesday June 4, 1300-1700
Room 202

The objectives of the workshops are to discuss how recent research can influence current clinical practice in orthoptics. The education of diagnostic techniques and management to further improve clinical application and skills in the field of orthoptics will be emphasized.

Maximum no. participants: 100
Fee: no charge