Business Meetings

Tuesday, June 3

1900-2100COC: Board MeetingRoom 102, Level 1Cathie Day

Wednesday, June 4

0800-1200COS Council on Provincial AffairsBoardroom, Level 2Andrew Budning
0800-1500Royal College: NSS - Speciality Committee in OphthalmologySummit Suite, Level 8Stacy Nesbitt
0800-1030ACUPORoom 2, Level 8Steven Gilberg
0800-1030Program DirectorsRoom 3, Level 8Bernard Hurley
0800-1030Fellowship DirectorsRoom 4, Level 8Chris Seamone
0900-1100COS Maintenance of CertificationRoom 104, Level 1Colin Mann
1200-1400COS Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology Editorial BoardRoom 3, Level 8Dr. Phil Hooper
1300-1700COS Board MeetingBoardroom, Level 2Paul Rafuse
1500-1700CSORN Executive MeetingRoom 3, Level 8Rosemary Bickerton
1900-2200COC Annual General MeetingBoardroom, Level 2Cathie Day

Thursday, June 5

0700-0830CCOTP Annual Business MeetingRoom 307, Level 3Christy Giligson
0830-1030TCOS Executive Business MeetingRoom 307, Level 3Vaishali Mehta
1215-1330COS Annual General MeetingSummit Suite, Level 8Paul Rafuse
1730-1900APOS NS MeetingRoom 101, Level 1Robert Scott
1730-1830CUS Business MeetingRoom 200E, Level 2Jean Deschênes
1730-1830CAPOS Business MeetingRoom 301, Level 3Luis Ospina

Friday, June 6

0700-0800Christian Ophthalmology BreakfastRoom 102, Level 1Ralph Buhrmann
0800-1030TCOS Annual General MeetingSummit Suite, Level 8Vaishali Mehta
1645-1745Neuro-Ophthalmology Business MeetingRoom 307, Level 3Martin ten Hove
1715-1830CORS Business MeetingRoom 2, Level 8Lulu Bursztyn
1730-1830APOS Annual General MeetingRoom 101, Level 1Robert Scott

Saturday, June 7

1000-1045CGS Annual General MeetingRoom 301, Level 3Karim Damji
1215-1330COS Council on Continuing Professional DevelopmentRoom 101, Level 1Dr. Yvonne Buys
1500-1600CRS Annual General MeetingRoom 303, Level 3James Whelan
1730-1830CCEDRSS Business MeetingRoom 200E, Level 2Guillermo Rocha