COS Awards for Excellence

Lifetime Achievement Award

2014 recipient: Raymond P. LeBlanc, CM, MD, FRCSC


The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to individuals who have made a sustained impact nationally and internationally on the growth of the profession and who have maintained the highest standard of patient care in their practice. The recipient of this award has also been a strong and positive role model in the community and an exemplary mentor and educator.

2014 COS Awards for Excellence in Ophthalmic Research

The Canadian Ophthalmological Society congratulates the recipients of 2014 COS Awards for Excellence in Ophthalmic Research.

Paper presentations

First prize
Yufeng (Nancy) Chen
University of Western Ontario
Patient appropriate health literacy educational materials in ophthalmology

Second prize
Joshua Teichman
University of Ottawa
Randomized controlled trial of the efficacy of povidone-iodine in reducing bacterial load prior to cataract surgery when pre-treated with gel versus drops

Third prize
Yiannis Iordanous
University of Western Ontario
Cost-effectiveness analysis of iStent and phacoemulsification versus glaucoma medications in the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

Poster presentations

First prize
Caitlin Chang
University of Western Ontario
The role of gap junctions in survival of mechanically stressed primary human trabecular meshwork cells

Second prize
Vasudha Gupta
McMaster University
Safety evaluation of ocular drug delivery formulation: an in vivo approach

Third prize
Swati Chavda
University of Western Ontario
Quality of evidence for low vision rehabilitation in children

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