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CCOR – current and past executive

All residents enrolled in a Canadian ophthalmology residency program are automatically Junior Members of the COS and General Members of CCOR. Currently there are no membership fees. If you have questions about your membership, please contact Rita Afeltra: [email protected]. Leadership positions are elected annually at the COS meeting and terms last 1-2 years.

Executive Committee

President: Irfan Kherani

Vice-President: Majd Mustafa

Research Directors: Mathew Palakkamanil and Andrei Szigato

Social Chair: Antony Theogene

Fellowship Liaison: Gabriela Lahaie Luna

Director of Communications: Sarah Simpson, Queen’s University

Liaison for Canadian Fellows: Vasudha Gupta, McMaster University

Liaison for International Fellows: Andy Kalevar, McGill University

Faculty Advisor: Setareh Ziai, University of Ottawa Eye Insitute

CCOR Representatives

Nawaaz Nathoo, University of British Columbia
Jessica Ting, University of Alberta
Lisa Lagrou, University of Calgary
Ugo Dodd, University of Saskatchewan
Andre Jastrzebski, University of Manitoba
Mustafa Kapasi, University of Ottawa
Christine Law & Zainab Khan, Queen’s University
Ziad Butty, University of Toronto
Vasudha Gupta, McMaster University
Sarit Khimdas, Western University
Mikel Mikhail, McGill University
Kinda Najem, Université de Montréal
Erica Doucet, Université de Sherbrooke
Ralph Kyrillos, Université Laval
Anastasia Neufeld, Dalhousie University

Past Presidents

Milad Modabber, McGill University, 2018
Stephanie Low, University of Toronto, 2017
Amandeep Rai, University of Toronto, 2016
Zale Mednick, Queen’s University, 2015
Kim Le, McGill University, 2014
Lulu Bursztyn, Western Univeristy, 2013
Tom Gonder, University of Calgary, 2012
Dan Rootman, University of Toronto, 2011
Kelly Schweitzer, Queen’s University, 2010