Venetian flair. Opulent décor. Renaissance refreshments. Elaborate entertainment.
A feast fit for royalty. Dancing in abundance.
All the elements of a unique and enchanting night out at a Masquerade Ball with a modern twist.

The Canadian Ophthalmological Society invites you to take a break from the conference on June 16 and go to a Masquerade Ball, just up the street at the Hotel Château Champlain.

Doors open at 7 p.m. The evening begins with a reception, followed by dinner and dancing.

Masks provided. Dance through the evening to the live music of Sophistoccasion.

Tickets sell quickly. Be sure to secure a seat (or two) for our much-anticipated annual soirée. Advance tickets are available at $125 per person. Tickets can also be purchased at the registration desk for $150.

For more information about the event and ticket purchases, contact Rita by telephone at 1-800-267-5763
or by email at

Dress: Creative cocktail attire