Instructions for Paper Presenters

  1. Upload your PC or MAC presentation directly to: before 1200 ET on Thursday June 14.
  2. Include a financial disclosure slide in your presentation. Sample slide
  3. Bring a back-up copy of your presentation to the meeting.
  4. Check your presentation onsite in the Speaker Preview room - St. Pierre. Confirm that it has been received and is scheduled correctly.
  5. If necessary, edit and revise your presentation the DAY BEFORE your scheduled talk. You may make changes up to 1 hour before the START OF YOUR SESSION.
  6. Arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session and check in with the session moderator.

Please note: Your presentation must be uploaded ahead of time. We will not accept presentations within 1 hour of the START OF THE SESSION. If you do not upload your presentation, you will not be allowed to present.

Speaker Preview Room: St. Pierre

1500-2100Thursday June 13
0700-2100Friday June 14
0630-1730Saturday June 15
0700-1730Sunday June 16
0700-1545Monday June 17

Length of presentations

Most paper presentations are 7 minutes in length. Check the online program for the specific time and length of your presentation. You will be cut off if you exceed the allotted time.


  • Cataract: all papers are 3 minutes in length
  • Retina: all papers are 5 minutes in length
  • Cornea: all papers are 5-6 minutes in length (check the online program here)

Upload Site
User name: presenter
Password: COS2013