Keynote speakers

Jennifer Loh, MD
Steven G. Safran, MD, PA
Francis Price, Jr, MD
Rohit Shetty, MD
David (Ted) Garway-Heath, MD
Jonathan Guy Crowston, MBBS, PhD
Fiona Costello, MD
Sophie X. Deng, MD, PhD
Jill Foster, MD
Carol Shields, MD
Jerry Shields, MD
Justin Mora, MD
Michael Siatkowski, MD
Rev. Andrew Blake
Keith Martin, MD, PC
Nancy Holekamp, MD
David Sarraf, MD
Careen Lowder, MD, PhD
Fiona Rowe, PhD


Jennifer Loh, MD

Jennifer Loh, MD

Dr. Loh is a board-certified ophthalmologist practising in Miami, Florida. Her focus is on cataract and refractive surgery.

Dr. Loh is founder and medical director of her practice, Loh Ophthalmology Associates. She also spends time as a volunteer faculty for the newly accredited ACGME Larkin Hospital Ophthalmology Residency program.

Dr. Loh lectures at many national ophthalmology meetings annually and is involved in clinical research. She currently serves on the executive committee of the Refractive Surgery Alliance and was the 2019 president of Cedars-Aspens, an anterior segment group consisting of some of the country’s top key opinion leaders.

Dr. Loh has recently been honoured with the 2018 Rising Star Award from OWL (Ophthalmic World Leaders), The Ophthalmologist Power List Rising Star Award in 2017, and the Alcon Outstanding Female Leader Award in 2016. On a local level, Dr. Loh was recently named as a Top Doctor In (and near) Coral Gables by Castle-Connolly.

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  1. Aerie
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  3. Avellino
  4. Bausch + Lomb
  5. Dompé
  6. EyeVance
  7. J+J
  8. Kala
  1. LensAr
  2. Novartis
  3. Ocular Therapeutix
  4. Salvat
  5. Shire
  6. Sight Sciences
  7. Sun

Steven G. Safran, MD, PA

Steven G. Safran, MD

After completing his fellowship in Cornea at Duke, Dr. Safran went into solo private practice in 1992. He currently practises in Lawrenceville, NJ, and has a special interest in complex cataract surgery, lens exchange, endothelial keratoplasty, and iris repair but he also performs a broad range of glaucoma, cornea, pars plana vitrectomy and plastics procedures on a regular basis.

Dr. Safran has written many peer review articles and is a cataract editor for Eyeworld. He is well known as a prolific writer on Keranet and the ASCRS cataract list. He has been an invited guest lecturer at many grand rounds, national and international meetings and just this past year was the invited Wolfe Foundation lecturer at Iowa University, Gold Medal lecturer at the AUSCRS meeting in New Zealand, the guest of honour at the New England Ophthalmology Society in addition to speaking at Yale, University of Pittsburgh Eye center, Mississippi, Northwestern, and many other teaching programs and meetings.

Dr. Safran’s YouTube channel has over 180 videos on complex anterior segment surgery that are viewed by thousands of surgeons and used by many teaching programs for instructional purposes. He receives referrals for complex anterior segment surgery cases from all over the world on a regular basis and has pioneered many new surgical techniques.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Safran has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization:

  1. Bausch & Lomb
  2. Cynosure
  3. Johnson & Johnson


Francis W. Price, Jr, MD

Francis W. Price, Jr, MD

Dr. Price is founder and president of Price Vision Group and the Cornea Research Foundation of America. He is an internationally recognized ophthalmic surgeon and recipient of the Life Achievement Honor Award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Barraquer Award from the International Society of Refractive Surgery. He has authored over 250 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters and been principal investigator of more than 125 clinical studies of ophthalmic devices, medications and surgical techniques.

Rohit Shetty, MD


David (Ted) Garway-Heath, BSc (Hons), MBBS (Lond), MD, FRCOphth

David Garway-Heath, MD

Professor Garway-Heath is president of the European Glaucoma Society. In addition to his clinical work, he leads research in visual assessment and imaging at the Biomedical Research Centre of the UK National Institute for Health Research. The Garway-Heath Map that he developed has contributed to the understanding of structure-function relationships in glaucoma and Moorfields Regression Analysis, a diagnostic algorithm that he developed for the HRT, has led to the widespread use of imaging in glaucoma management. Professor Garway-Heath conducted the first randomized, placebo-controlled trial to provide evidence for visual field preservation with an IOP-lowereing drug. Moreover, the study design used in this first glaucoma tiral, published in The Lancet, enabled a considerably reduction in the period needed to identify treatment effects.

Professor Garway-Heath has been recipient of several awards and has been consecutively voted onto The Ophthalmologist magazine’s power list of the 100 most influential people in ophthalmology worldwide. He was recently voted as ‘top mentor’ worldwide on this list. David Garway-Heath is also vice president of the Imaging and Perimetry Society, chair of the Membership Committee of the Glaucoma Research Society, as well as workstream lead for the design of the new building for Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology in London.

Financial disclosure: Professor Garway-Heath has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization:

  1. Aerie
  2. Allergan
  3. Bausch & Lomb
  4. CenterVue
  5. Genentech
  6. Omikron Italia
  7. Santen
  1. Heidelberg Engineering
  2. Pfizer
  3. UK National Institute for Health Research
  4. Topcon
  5. Perimetry analysis method
  6. Moorfields Motion Displacement Test (perimetry technique)
  7. T4 Perimetry Thresholding Algorithm

Jonathan Guy Crowston, MBBS, FRCOphth, DRANZCO, PhD

Jonathan Guy Crowston

Professor Crowston is a clinician-scientist and professor of ophthalmology at DUKE-NUS in Singapore. He completed his ophthalmology training at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, a PhD at UCL and postdoctoral work at UC San Diego. He served as head of ophthalmology at the University of Melbourne and MD of the Centre for Eye Research Australia from 2009 to 2018 prior to relocating to Singapore.

His lab is focused on understanding why aging predisposes to neuronal loss in glaucoma. Their current interest lies in understanding the mechanisms whereby advanced aging impairs neuronal recovery following IOP injury and how they can turn back the clock. They conduct laboratory (cell and rodent) and clinical research

Professor Crowston has published 190 peer-reviewed manuscripts, is founder of Oculo (, serves as a clinical and scientific advisor to several biotech companies and has received a number of awards for his research.

Financial disclosure: Professor Crowston has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization

  1. Allergan
  2. Annexon
  3. Oculo
  4. Plano
  5. Polyactiva


Fiona Costello, MD

Fiona Costello, MD

Dr. Fiona Costello is an associate professor, affiliated with the Departments of Clinical Neurosciences and Surgery (Ophthalmology), University of Calgary and a clinician scientist with the Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI). She completed her medical school (1995) and neurology residency training (2000) at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and then embarked on a clinical fellowship in neuro-ophthalmology at the University of Iowa (2000–2002). Her fellowship training was supported by an E.A. Baker Scholarship she received from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Since 2007, she has run a clinical practice in Calgary as a neuro-ophthalmologist, serving the needs of patients with disorders involving the visual pathways and the central nervous system.

Dr. Costello’s area of research focuses on using the eye as a model for brain disorders including multiple sclerosis and tumors. In 2013, Dr. Costello was named chair to the Roy and Joan Allen Investigatorship for Vision Research and is working to establish a translational vision research program at the HBI.

In 2017, Dr. Costello was named president of the Canadian Neurological Society, having served previously as vice president in 2015-2017. Dr. Costello is co-affiliated with the Department of Surgery, she was director of the Office of Surgical Research from 2013 to 2017. In 2017, she was honoured with an “Outstanding Contribution in Leadership Award” from the Department of Surgery, University of Calgary. Dr. Costello was also awarded the “Senior Achievement Award” with the American Academy of Ophthalmology in November 2017.

She has published nearly 100 peer reviewed papers, 21 book chapters and has been invited to give over 195 national and international presentations at numerous academic venues. Together with her colleagues, she has received more than eight million dollars in research funding.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Costello has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization:

  1. Alexion
  2. Clene Nanomedicine
  3. Frequency Therapeutics
  4. Prime


Sophie X. Deng, MD, PhD

Sophie X. Deng, MD

Dr. Deng is a professor, the director of the Cornea Biology Laboratory, and co-director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Ophthalmology at the Stein Eye Institute, University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Deng specializes in cornea and external ocular diseases. Her surgical areas include endothelial keratoplasty (DSEK and DMEK), deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty, penetrating keratoplasty, limbal stem cell transplantation, and artificial cornea. Her research focuses on corneal epithelial stem cell regulation, deficiency and regeneration with an aim to improve the current treatment for patients with limbal stem cell deficiency. Dr. Deng’s research is funded by the National Eye Institute and the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. She has served on the ARVO Annual Meeting Program Committee and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cornea Society.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Deng has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization:

  1. National Eye Institute
  2. University of Maryland
  3. Dompe Inc
  4. F-Prime
  5. National Eye Institute
  6. California Institute for Regenerative Medicine


Jill Foster, MD


Carol Shields, MD

Carol Shields, MD

Dr. Carol Shields completed her residency in ophthalmology at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia in 1987 and subsequently did fellowship training in ocular oncology, oculoplastic surgery, and ophthalmic pathology. She is currently director of the Oncology Service, Wills Eye Hospital, and Professor of Ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

She has authored or coauthored 11 textbooks, 323 chapters in edited textbooks, over 1700 articles in major peer-reviewed journals, given over 850 lectureships, and has received numerous professional awards. The 8 most prestigious awards include:

  • The Byron Kanaley Award (1979) given to the top student-athlete at the University of Notre Dame. She was the first woman to receive this award.
  • The Donders Award (2003) given by the Netherlands Ophthalmological Society every 5 years to an ophthalmologist worldwide who has contributed extensively to the field of ophthalmology. She was the first woman ever to receive this award.
  • Honorary Doctorate of Science Degree from the University of Notre Dame (2005) and the Catholic University (2011) bestowed at the graduation ceremonies from each University. She was the first woman graduate of Notre Dame to receive this award.
  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology Life Achievement Honor Award (2011) for significant contributions to the field of ophthalmology.
  • Induction into the Academic All-American Hall of Fame (2011) for lifetime success in athleticism and career.
  • President of the International Society of Ocular Oncology (2013-2015) – This is the largest international society of clinicians and basic scientists interested in ocular tumors. She was the first elected President of this society.
  • President of the Macula Society (2020) – This is the leading society for retina and vitreous doctors in the world. She served as Treasurer (2017), Secretary (2018), Vice President (2019), and President (2020).
  • Ophthalmology Power List – Nominated by peers as one of the top 100 leaders in the field of ophthalmology and published in the journal, The Ophthalmologist. There have only been 3 “Top 100” power lists in 2014, 2016, and 2018 and she was on all three.

Dr. Shields is a member of numerous ocular oncology, pathology, and retina societies and has delivered 57 named lectures in America and abroad. She has been active in the American Academy of Ophthalmology. She serves on the editorial/advisory board of 31 journals including JAMA Ophthalmology, Retina, Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and International Journal of Clinical Oncology.

She practises ocular oncology on a full-time basis with her husband, Dr. Jerry Shields and associates in the Oncology Service at Wills Eye Hospital. Each year the Oncology Service manages approximately 500 patients with uveal melanoma, 120 patients with retinoblastoma, and numerous other intraocular, orbital, and adnexal tumors from the United States and abroad. She and her husband Jerry are the parents of 7 children, ranging in age from 19 to 31 years.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Shields does not have any affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization.

Jerry A. Shields, MD

Jerry A. Shields, MD

Dr. Shields is emeritus director of the Ocular Oncology Service at Wills Eye Hospital and professor of ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He was born in Pride Station, Union County Kentucky in 1937 He was the youngest of 8 children and attended Sturgis High School. He graduated from Murray State in 1960 and was president of his freshman and sophomore classes very active at Murray. He graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1964 and then completed an internship at Denver General Hospital in Colorado. After that he then served for one year as a Battalion Surgeon with the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam and a year with the US Navy in Europe mainly in Naples, Italy. He was a resident in ophthalmology at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia and also completed fellowships in ophthalmic pathology at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington DC and a year doing retinal surgery at Wills Eye Hospital. In 1974, he established the Ocular Oncology Service at Wills Eye Hospital. For more than 40 years, Dr. Shields has been active in the care of patients with cancers of the eyelids, conjunctiva, intraocular structures, and orbit and has pioneered new methods of diagnosis and treatment of eye cancers and related conditions.

Dr. Shields has authored or co-authored 1512 articles in peer-reviewed journals and many textbook chapters for a total of 1980 scientific publications. He has authored or co-authored 13 textbooks including the highly popular Atlas of Intraocular Tumors and the Atlas of Eyelid, Conjunctiva, and Orbital Tumors. He has given 1560 national and international lectures including 82 prestigious named lectures. In 2012, he was honoured by the establishment of the Jerry A. Shields Lecture given annually at the annual meeting of the Asian Pacific Society of Ophthalmology.

His greatest academic honour was in March 2013 when he received the prestigious National Physician of the year award (named the top doctor in America) for Clinical Excellence by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd, New York (one of 3 recipients). He was 2014 recipient of the annual Laureate Award at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). This is most prestigious honour given to one ophthalmologist annually by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Shields has served on editorial boards for 14 scientific journals.He was an organizer and first president of the International Society of Ocular Oncology, president of the Macula Society and president of the Ophthalmic Club of Philadelphia. He was recent recipient of and endowed Chair at Wills Eye Hospital at Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr. Shields is married to Dr. Carol L. Shields, who trained with him in ocular oncology. She has also made many major scientific contributions and has received numerous academic honours and awards and is recognized internationally for her numerous achievements. They have 7 wonderful children ranging from 30 to 19 years of age as of 2018.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Shields does not have any affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization.


Justin Mora, MD

Justin Mora, MD

Dr. Mora is a New Zealand ophthalmologist with training in glaucoma (Shaffer Fellow UCSF- 1995) and in paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus (Indiana University – 1996). He also has an interest in cataract and laser refractive surgery, including SMILE.

He is a senior lecturer for the Auckland Medical school and has authored papers in the fields of glaucoma, paediatrics and strabismus. He runs the paediatric ophthalmology fellowship training program in Auckland.

Dr. Mora has a strong interest in education. He is a past chief examiner for RANZCO and is currently the censor-in-chief (head of education). He has driven an overhaul of the selection process for ophthalmology training in Australia and New Zealand and a through revision of the RANZCO vocational training program to incorporate programmatic assessment.

He is involved in charitable work in Cambodia and Laos to train the region’s first specialist paediatric ophthalmologists and has helped with curriculum development and examinations in Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Mora does not have any affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization.

R. Michael Siatkowski, MD

Michael Siatkowski, MD

Dr. Siatkowski is the David W. Parke II, MD professor of ophthalmology, David Ross Boyd professor, vice chair for Academic Affairs, and residency program director at the Dean McGee Eye Institute at the University of Oklahoma. He is the past president of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus and past president of the Program Directors’ Council of the AUPO.

Dr. Siatkowski is active in the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and is an emeritus director of the American Board of Ophthalmology and former vice chair of the Residency Review Committee for Ophthalmology. He was inducted into the American Ophthalmological Society in 2011. His hobbies include playing classical piano, traveling, and reading history and biographies. He and his wife Rhea Siatkowski, MD, also an ophthalmologist, have three children.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Siatkowski has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization

  1. Indiana University
  2. National Eye Institute
  3. Nevakar, Inc.
  4. Regeneron, Inc.
  5. State University of New York


Rev. Andrew Blake


Hon. Keith Martin, MD, PC

Keith Martin, MD

Dr. Martin is a physician who, since Sept. 2012, has served as the founding executive director of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) in Washington, DC. Between 1993 and 2011, he served was a member of Parliament in Canada’s House of Commons. He held shadow ministerial portfolios in foreign affairs, international development, and health. He also served as Canada’s parliamentary secretary for defense and was appointed to the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada. His main areas of focus are in global health, foreign policy, security, international development, conservation and the environment.

Dr. Martin has served on numerous diplomatic missions to areas in crisis and served as a physician in South Africa on the Mozambique border during that country’s civil war. He has traveled widely in Africa, visiting the continent 30 times. He has had over 180 articles published in major newspapers and scientific journals and has appeared frequently as a political and social commentator on television and radio.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Martin has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization:

  1. CUGH
  2. Jane Goodall Institute


Nancy Holekamp, MD

Nancy Holekamp, MD

Dr. Holekamp is a professor of clinical ophthalmology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. She is also director of Retina Services at the Pepose Vision Institute in St. Louis. She has been actively involved in more than 30 national clinical trials dealing with age-related macular degeneration, retinal vascular occlusion, and diabetic retinopathy. Her efforts in research have resulted in 74 peer-reviewed publications, 21 book chapters, and more than 100 speaking invitations. She served on the AAO Ethics Committee for 6 years.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Holekamp has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization:

  1. Acucela
  2. Allergan
  3. Clearside
  4. Gemini
  5. Genentech
  6. Graubug
  7. Gyroscope
  1. Katalyst
  2. Kodiak Sciences
  3. Lineage Cell Therapeutics
  4. Notal Vision
  5. Novartis
  6. Regeneron
  7. Spark Viewpoint Therapeutics

David Sarraf, MD

David Sarraf, MD

Dr. Sarraf is clinical professor of ophthalmology at the Stein Eye Institute at UCLA and member of the Retinal Disorders and Ophthalmic Genetics Division. He has published close to 250 research papers, case reports and reviews and has authored 16 book chapters and is co-author for the second edition of the Retina Atlas and will be section editor for the 7th edition of Ryan Retina. Dr. Sarraf is a world leader in the field of advanced retinal imaging and has delivered approximately 300 invited lectures at various meetings worldwide including several endowed and keynote lectures.

Dr. Sarraf is associate editor for the journal Retinal Cases and Brief Reports and is an Editorial Board member of the journals Retina and OSLI Retina and the Ocular Imaging Section editor for the Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology. He is also section editor for the Retina Times (X-Files) of the ASRS and has served on the BCSC section of the AAO and has been awarded Achievement and Secretariat and Senior Achievement awards by the AAO.

Dr. Sarraf is also co-director of the Pacific Retina Club and the International Retinal Imaging Symposium and is co-founder of the International Retinal Imaging Society. He is a member of the ASRS, AOS (American Ophthalmological Society), Retina Society and Gass Club and has served as an Executive Board member and Program Committee member in the Macula Society. He has also served as an advisory consultant of the DRCR Network and is a Scientific Board member of the Macula Foundation Inc and Optovue Inc.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Sarraf has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization:

  1. Amgen
  2. Bayer
  3. Genentech
  4. Heidelberg
  1. Novartis
  2. Optovue
  3. Regeneron
  4. Topcon


Careen Lowder, MD, PhD

Careen Lowder, MD

Dr. Lowder has been a member of the professional staff of the Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute since 1986 when she started the Uveitis Service in the Department of Ophthalmology. She obtained her MD (1978) and PhD (1975) degrees from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She completed her residency in ophthalmology at the Cleveland Clinic (1982) and a fellowship in uveitis at the FI Proctor Foundation at University of California San Francisco (1982-1984) and a fellowship in Ophthalmic Pathology at University of California San Francisco Department of Ophthalmology (1983-1984).

She received the Life Achievement Honor Award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 2016, and she is a frequent recipient of the Teacher of the Year award at the Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute, most recently for 3 subsequent years (2015, 2016, 2017). She has been on the Best Doctors of America list every year since 1996 – 2019. She has over 175 peer review publications and is recognized as a leader in her field of uveitis. She was the Principal Investigator in numerous clinical trials and was the first author of the report on the dexamethasone implant trial.

Dr. Lowder served as president of the Cleveland Ophthalmological Society (2001 – 2003), as president of the Panamerican Society of Ocular Inflammatory Diseases from 1999 – 2012 and she is now the Executive Secretary of the Society. She served as Vice President of the International Uveitis Study Group and is currently a member of the International Council of the International Ocular Inflammation Society.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Lowder does not have any affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial organization.


Fiona Rowe, PhD, DBO, CGLI Cert. Ed.

Fiona Rowe, PhD

Professor Rowe is professor of orthoptics and health services research at the University of Liverpool and a recent NIHR Research Fellow. She is associate-editor-in-chief for the journal Strabismus, editor for Current Eye Research, Cochrane Eyes and Vision group editor and a mentor for the National Institute of Health Research clinical academic research pathway.

Her particular research interests include visual impairment due to acquired brain injury (particularly stroke), visual field evaluation and control of ocular alignment. Prof. Rowe is the author of two textbooks: Clinical Orthoptics and Visual Fields Via the Visual Pathway, co-author on seven book chapters, and has presented and published her research extensively.

Financial disclosure: Dr. Rowe has/had an affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a for-profit and/or not-for-profit organization:

  1. Forkningsradet, Norway
  2. Haag Streit AG
  3. Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party
  4. National Institute for Health Research Grant
  5. University of Liverpool Impact Acceleration Fund/TRAP Award