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COS receives high praise for 2013 RCPSC accreditation review

“Congratulations to the COS on successfully renewing your status as a Royal College accredited CPD provider – you play an integral role within the Royal College’s MOC Program. Thanks to the COS for all that you do…your application demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation and to providing high-quality learning opportunities for specialist physicians – all CPD accreditation standards were deemed either fully adherent or exemplary. We hope that you will consider sharing some of your work with other organizations moving forward.”

Jennifer Gordon, MEd
Associate Director, Continuing Professional Development
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

The Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) has received a 5-year accreditation and high praise from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) for the quality of its 2013 accreditation review and for its continuing professional development (CPD) program and practices generally.

This year, the COS completed a CPD re-accreditation with the RCPSC. The results of the review were excellent, with COS receiving “Adherent” or “Exemplary” designations in all 8 CPD standards. The adjudicators congratulated the COS’ Maintenance of Certification Committee and its Chair, Dr. Colin Mann, as well as the COS staff for their hard work and organization.

RCPSC officials commended the COS for doing an exceptional job for the Canadian ophthalmology community in the areas of needs assessment, in the co-development of dynamic programming with sponsors, and in its educational methods and delivery. The reviewers were impressed with the transparency and traceability of COS’ CPD activities from conception to evaluation.

The COS was also praised for its performance management system (the “Balanced Scorecard”). The Balanced Scorecard is a tool used to ensure that COS activities, including its CPD program, are “continuously aligned with COS’ vision, mission, values and strategy” through the ongoing assessment and monitoring of individual CPD goals to ensure their correspondence with organization-wide values and commitments.

The RCPSC has recognized the COS as a model of excellence in the Canadian national medical specialty society community. The COS has been invited to share its expertise with other national specialty societies and to submit examples from the 2013 accreditation application for a 2014 RCPSC Accredited Provider Innovation Award. The COS is thrilled to have received this invitation.

As an accredited provider of CPD for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the Canadian Ophthalmological Society is honoured to have received this exemplary accreditation report. We look forward to continuing to provide and accredit the highest quality continuing medical education activities on behalf of the RCPSC and the Canadian ophthalmological community.