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COS Advocacy and Public Awareness Fund recognition wall

Thank you to our members who have contributed to the COS Advocacy and Public Awareness Fund!

As our way of saying thank you for your generosity and support, we wanted to publicly recognize your contribution through our contributors’ list below.

By supporting the Advocacy and Public Awareness Fund, you’re supporting the COS to continue its strong advocacy and public awareness work at a federal level and empowering the provinces, subspecialty societies, and academic community with advocacy tools, training, and resources to help raise the profile of the profession. When we stand united, we have a more powerful voice on the issues that affect our profession and the state of eye and vision health in Canada.

If you have not yet contributed to the COS Advocacy and Public Awareness Fund, you may do so by contacting Rita Afeltra at or at: 613.729.6779 x300 for details.


Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these important lists. We apologize for any errors or omissions.

In addition to the contributors listed below, we also thank 23 others who wish to remain anonymous.

$1000+ contributors
Alan Cruess, MD
Sherif El-Defrawy, MD
Robert Gizicki, MD
Jitendra Gohill, MD
Neeru Gupta, MD
Philip Hooper, MD
Christopher Jackman, MD
Colin Mann, MD
Daniel O’Brien, MD
Michael O’Connor, MD
Guillermo Rocha, MD

$700-$999 contributors
Samer Abuswider, MD
Beatrice Adante, MD
Feisal Adatia, MD
Nina Ahuja, MD
Mohamed Albahiti, MD
Carolyn Anderson, MD
Chris Anjema, MD
Curtis Archibald, MD
Steve Arshinoff, MD
Ronald Baldassare, MD
Malcolm Banks, MD
Dorothy Donna Bautista, MD
Stephanie Baxter, MD
Robert Beldavs, MD
Lorne Bellan, MD
Graham Belovay, MD
Alan Berger, MD
Rajiv Bindlish, MD
Catherine Birt, MD
François Blanchette, MD
John Blaylock, MD
Andrew Boswall, MD
Guy Boswall, MD
Michael Brent, MD
Calvin Breslin, MD
Stephen Brodovsky, MD
Matthew Brucks, MD
Kyle Brydon, MD
Andrew Budning, MD
Todd Buglass, MD
Matthew Bujak, MD
Lulu Bursztyn, MD
Yvonne Buys, MD
Robert Campbell, MD
Anthony Carlsson, MD
Monica Carrillo, MD
Hernando Chacon-Andrade, MD
Jeffrey Chambers, MD
Brian Chan, MD
Clara Chan, MD
Stanley Chan, MD
Varun Chaudhary, MD
Trevor Chin Fook, MD
King Chow, MD
Edmund Collins, MD
David Comstock, MD
Gilles Cormier, MD
Dustin Curts, MD
Olivia Dam, MD
Karim Damji, MD
Mahshad Darvish-Zargar, MD
Walter de Bruin, MD
Alexandre de Saint Sardos, MD
Erin Demmings, MD
Béatrice Des Marchais, MD
Ravi Dookeran, MD
Michael Dorey, MD
Stephanie Dotchin, MD
Anne Drysdale, MD
Derek Dunphy, MD
Anna Ells, MD
Catherine Eplett, MD
Vasudha Erraguntla, MD
James Farmer, MD
Anne Faucher, MD
David Fine, MD
Yamina Fodil-Cherif, MD
Bryce Ford, MD
Côme Fortin, MD
Éric Fortin, MD
Annick Valérie Fournier, MD
Christopher Francis, MD
Justin French, MD
Sebastien Gagné, MD
Mark Gans, MD
Jane Gardiner, MD
Steven Gilberg, MD
Howard Gimbel, MD
John Gonder, MD
John Gonder, MD
William Goodine, MD
John Gorfinkel, MD
Chloe Gottlieb, MD
Lisa Gould, MD
Francine Guay, MD
François Guinard, MD
R. Rishi Gupta, MD
Patrick Hamel, MD
John Hamilton, MD
Christopher Hanson, MD
Isabelle Hardy, MD
Mona Harissi-Dagher, MD
Tim Hillson, MD
Patricia Hinton, MD
Eugene Hladky, MD
Vernon Ho Yuen, MD
Glen Hoar, MD
Karen Hoar, MD
Simon Holland, MD
Hussein Hollands, MD
Bernard Hurley, MD
Jonathan Hurst, MD
Naushad Hussein, MD
Cindy Hutnik, MD
Wessel Ingram, MD
Bruce Jackson, MD
Mary Louise Jackson, MD
Delan Jinapriya, MD
David Johnson, MD
David Jordan, MD
Conrad Kavalec, MD
Ross Kennedy, MD
Amin Kherani, MD
Stephen Kosar, MD
Nathalie Labrecque, MD
Kevin Lachapelle, MD
Lisa Lagrou, MD
Laurent Lalonde, MD
Alain Laplante, MD
Patricia-Ann Laughrea, MD
Matthew Lee-Wing, MD
Brian Leonard, MD
Kevin Leonard, MD
Andrea Leung, MD
Steve Levasseur, MD
David Lewis, MD
James Lewis, MD
Janette Lindley, MD
Susan Lindley, MD
Christopher Lyons, MD
Ian MacDonald, MD
Inas Makar, MD
Mark Mandell, MD
Joshua Manusow, MD
Samuel Markowitz, MD
Mathen Mathen, MD
Charles Maxner, MD
Kristine Mayer, MD
Chryssa McAlister, MD
J. Martin McCarthy, MD
Ian McIlraith, MD
Robert McMahon, MD
Kamiar Mireskandari, MD
Andrew Mis, MD
Rajender Mohandas, MD
Yvonne Molgat, MD
Karen Moosbrugger, MD
Roger Morrissette, MD
Edward Moss, MD
Conor Mulholland, MD
Jeremy Murphy, MD
Paul Murphy, MD
Thomas Nagy, MD
Nawaaz Nathoo, MD
Brian Nelson, MD
Navdeep Nijhawan, MD
Donald Nixon, MD
Jason Noble, MD
Ravi Nrusimhadevara, MD
Heather O’Donnell, MD
James Oestreicher, MD
Sean O’Leary, MD
Alejandro Oliver, MD
Amer Omar, MD
Lindsay Ong-Tone, MD
Murari Patodia, MD
Katherine Paton, MD
Conrad Pelletier, MD
Nataly Pesin, MD
Adnan Pirbhai, MD
Steven Poleski, MD
Natashka Pollock, MD
Joel Post, MD
Karim Punja, MD
Michael Quinlan, MD
Paul Rafuse, MD
Cory Ramstead, MD
Raj Rathee, MD
Marc-André Rhéaume, MD
Rusty Ritenour, MD
Rehan Riyaz, MD
Marie-Claude Robert, MD
Kenneth Roberts, MD
Steve Roberts, MD
Johane Robitaille, MD
Amadeo Rodriguez, MD
Marian Roesch, MD
Jamie Rogers, MD
Mélanie Roy, MD
Chris Rudnisky, MD
Hady Saheb, MD
Arif Samad, MD
Robert Sanders, MD
Marius Scheepers, MD
Steven Schendel, MD
Blair Schoales, MD
Kelly Schweitzer, MD
Robert Scott, MD
Christopher Seamone, MD
Raymond Seto, MD
K. Briar Sexton, MD
Vijay Sharma, MD
Vikas Sharma, MD
Thomas Sheidow, MD
Ali Shoughary, MD
Byron Silver, MD
Rémy Simoneau, MD
Carolyn Skov, MD
Allan Slomovic, MD
Donald Smallman, MD
Leonard Smith, MD
Stanley Smith, MD
Donna Smythe, MD
Barry Sniderman, MD
Enitan Sogbesan, MD
Carlos Solarte-Thomas
Sohel Somani, MD
Curtis Sorgini, MD
Martin Spencer, MD
Jeff Steeves, MD
Frank Stockl, MD
Yi Ning Strube, MD
Zakaria Tadrous, MD
Mae Tam, MD
Alexander Tan, MD
James Taylor, MD
Joshua Teichman, MD
Martin ten Hove, MD
Matthew Tennant, MD
David Tingey, MD
Aron Tischler, MD
Todd Urton, MD
John van der Zweep, MD
Devesh Varma, MD
Christopher Waite, MD
Randy Walker, MD
Charlotte Wedge, MD
Ezekiel Weis, MD
James Whelan, MD
Geoff Williams, MD
David Wong, MD
Jamie Wong, MD
Keith Yap, MD
George Yearsley, MD
Natasha Yepes, MD
Jacky Yeung, MD
Tarek Youssef, MD
James Znajda, M


About your privacy

COS recognizes that some individuals do not wish to be publicly recognized for their contributions. The wishes of those who ask for confidentiality will be respected. We will obtain your written consent for recognition based on your personal preferences. More information about our privacy policies

“As a past president of the COS, I see the lasting value of supporting this fund because it is not only for us here now, but for the future generations of ophthalmology. Under the excellent leadership of Dr. Phil Hooper, I have seen the unity in our voices as ophthalmologists at the national level. There is no other advocacy body for ophthalmology in Canada and for this reason I strongly support this fund, this campaign, and the advocacy efforts of the COS.”Allan R. Slomovic, MSc, MD, FRCSC

“Telling our story, speaking with one voice as experts in the medical and surgical treatment of eye disease, advocating on behalf of our patients, and improving the delivery of eye care to Canadians. These actions are vitally important to us as ophthalmologists to ensure that we continue to retain, and deserve, our pivotal position in the delivery of eye care, now and in the future. I support the advocacy activities of the COS, both with time and with money, to help them work with subspecialty societies, academia, and provincial associations to engage the public and government and have our voices heard. I would encourage you to do the same. Together we CAN make a difference.”Phil Hooper, MD, FRCSC

“I would encourage all COS members to contribute to the Advocacy and Public Awareness Fund. As I enter my final 6 months as President of the COS, I have become more aware of the issues that affect our profession as a whole, in the immediate term but more importantly, into the future. There is no better time to work together, joining the efforts of the COS in raising the profile of Ophthalmology, ensuring that our voice is heard as we approach government at all levels, the media and the public. The ultimate result will be better patient care and the preservation of our Specialty.”Guillermo Rocha, MD, FRCSC, FACS

“Contributing to the COS advocacy fund is important to me as I have relied on the COS as a resource in my dealings with my provincial medical society, the provincial government and the changing landscape of vision care delivery. The information provided to me as well as the leadership and guidance of the COS have helped me become a stronger voice for our specialty.”Ken Roberts, MD, FRCSC

Congratulations to the Board of Directors for initiating the COS Advocacy and Public Awareness Campaign. The great work done by those working in ophthalmology including clinical care, teaching and research has been a secret for far too long. Time to spread the news and further the benefits to our patients now and into the future.Daniel M. O’Brien, MD, FRCSC