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Vice President

Irfan Nizarali Kherani MD
Ottawa University

My name is Irfan Kherani, and I am humbled to submit my name as a candidate for CCOR VP. As your VP, my hope would be to help develop engaging resident sessions at COS 2019 and 2020, to advocate for resident and early-in-practise physicians to the COS and to help ease the transition from training-to-practise in whatever way possible. I have previously served the CCOR as your Social Chair organizing resident events in Ottawa at Sally Letson 2016 and in Montreal at COS 2017. I have just completed my term as Board Chair of the Resident Doctors of Canada, and would love to use some of those learnings on CCOR. Thank you for your consideration!

Research Director

Cristina Bostan MD, MSc
Université de Montréal

Thank you for considering my candidacy for the CCOR Research Director position. Through involvement in the Ophthalmology Clerkship Rotation and the Resident Research Training committees, I have participated in restructuring medical and research training curricula at UdeM. As president of the provincial Vision Health Research Network Student Committee, I have defended postgraduate students’ interests for 3 years. My Master’s degree and current enrollment in the Clinician-Investigator Program testify of my strong research background. With my experience, I believe I could positively contribute to research aimed at improving Ophthalmology residency training in Canada and at fostering collaborations between programs.

Michaël Marchand, MD
Université de Montréal

It would be a great pleasure and honor for me to continue to serve as your CCOR research director for a second year. I’m a PGY-4 at the University of Montreal and I have a strong interest in medical education, as shown by my involvement as a delegate member of the Montreal Residents Association (AMRM) where I defend the professional interests of my colleagues studying ophthalmology and other medical specialties. I wish to carry on my commitment to research related to ophthalmology residency training in Canada. My goal is to continue to stimulate your interest in clinical research and research events, and to promote new research collaborations between residency programs across the country.

Mišo Gostimir MD
Western University

It would be a great pleasure to serve as one of the incoming Research Directors. My interest in this position stems from my passion for research and the prospect of utilizing it to help improve the residency experience for my colleagues across Canada. My past experience in medical education research, especially in survey-based projects, will serve as an important foundation to build on in this position. I also have graduate-level training in statistics and epidemiology, which will provide an important skill set in assessing and implementing the results of any projects I am involved in as a member of the CCOR.

Social Rep

Stephanie Cote, MD
PGY2 Resident Physician
Western University

It would be a great pleasure to join CCOR as one of the Social Chairs. I have experience planning events and would love the opportunity to help plan memorable social gatherings for our ophthalmology residents at both COS and Sally Letson. I would ensure to plan events that everyone would enjoy attending and have the chance to bond and/or reconnect with fellow residents from across the country.

Fellowship Liaison

Timothy Ratzlaff MD
Queen’s University

I’d be happy to stay on as the fellowship liaison again. Having completed the process 2 years running, it should be relatively easy to ensure our databases remain up-to-date. This year I expanded the U of T fellowship section details and added the new U of M fellowships as well.