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Ron Jans Clinical Cornea Research Award recipients

2018 Fatma Zaguia, MD
Besifloxacin ophthalmic suspension in patients with bacterial keratitis: A prospective, randomized clinical study
2017 Victoria C. Leung, MD
Corneal collagen cross-linking in the management of keratoconus in Canada: A cost-effectiveness analysis
2016 Harrish Nithianandan
Optical aberrations in phototherapeutic keratectomy vs. manual epithelial debridement for corneal collagen cross-linking in keratoconus
2015 Hermina Strungaru, MD
Characterizing the phenotypic spectrum of Peters anomaly: From mild to severe disease
2014 Uri Elbaz, MD
Restoration of corneal sensation with regional nerve transfers and nerve grafts: a new approach to a difficult problem
2013 Julia C. Talajic, MD
Pre-stripped DMEK: complications and visual outcomes in a series of 43 consecutive eyes
2012 Gregory Moloney, MBBS
Enzyme assisted deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty – a new method of lamellar dissection – a wetlab based pilot study
2011 Julia Baryla, MD
The development of a frozen section technique for multi-antibody screening of impression cytologies of the ocular surface
2010 Toby Chan
Intrastromal versus topical moxifloxacin in a rabbit model of Pseudomonas aeruginosa keratitis

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